May 31, 2023

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WD My Passport Wireless Review

I travelled quite often every year for my work or for my blog. As a photographer, I bring many memory cards as one usually not enough for a long trip and I also carries my laptop to back up my pictures and videos. Sounds familiar? This is the usual routine for many travellers as well as bloggers especially for those who enjoy to capture pictures and videos on mobile phones without external memory card. Well, that is going to change.

I was introduced with WD My Passport Wireless external hard drive a few weeks ago. It is not the latest product by WD but it is something that amazes me.

This is not the slim type hard drive as this is thick in size but it feels solid. It connects on USB 3.0 and it is wireless. You can switch it the hard drive on and off with the power button and same goes to the wireless option. It has an internal battery and it will charge when you plug it into the charger or on your laptop.

The wireless works with WIFI and you need to download MYCloud App to connect on PC, Laptop or your mobile.

The beauty of WD My Passport Wireless is you can back up your pictures and videos from your mobile phone. Thus, when you are traveling around the world and you ran out of disk space, you can back up your data instantly. You don’t need to bring a tablet or a laptop to backup, just WD My Passport Wireless. Sounds great right? That’s not it!
WD MY Passport Wireless also offer auto backup of SD Card! Well, photographers and videographers, this is the solution of the storage problem. You just need to insert the SD card onto the SD Card slot, WD My Passport Wireless will back it up. Hence, you have a choice of copying the data or clear the data in SD Card after completion of backing up. You just need to configure under the options menu.

I backing up my SD Card while resting in my villa in Ramada Khao Lak.
Of course, in my recent trips I carried the WD My Passport Wireless instead of my laptop and numbers of SD Cards. This makes my life easier and lessens the amount of things I need to bring for my travel assignment. So why do you need cables when you can go wireless?

Look, I was backing up my pictures while stuck in a traffic jam in Taipei!

Now you understand why I carry WD My Passport Wireless around!

WD My Passport Wireless comes in 1TB and 2TB and they are available in most IT or gadget shops in Malaysia.

This is a sponsored post by WD Malaysia.


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