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RE Action Camera by HTC Review at 2015 Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix

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RE Action Camera by HTC Review at 2015 Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix

Action cameras are getting popular in this few years as it becomes a tool to share pictures and videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. There are many brands out there and the numbers are increasing from time to time.

One of the most unique action cameras out there in the market is RE Action Camera by HTC. How unique?
Most action cameras come in the shape of square or rectangular while RE comes in a unique “r” design. It looks like the periscope.

It is easy to handle and simple to take to take photos and videos. By just clicking the button once, it will snap photo while holding the button more than two seconds, it will record video. The small LED will turn green while snapping photo and it will blink red while recording video.

How to view RE’s point of view? You just need to download RE apps to your mobile phone.

You can setup RE from your mobile phone as well as live view and instant snapping photo and video. The wireless connection is using Bluetooth.
2015 f1 circuit with car
As usual, I don’t keep my devices at home so with RE, I went to take photos and videos at the recent 2015 Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix and some of the photos are as below.
2015 f1 circuit with helicopter

I managed to capture the helicopter using the RE Camera and I love the quick responseness of it.
2015 f1 selfie


Selfie with Formula One fans using the RE.

2015 f1 official merchandise shopping


You can get wide angle shots like this with just a click of button.

sepang going to concert


Walking to Formula 1 Post Party Concert!

sepang concert

I love the wide angle of RE. This is one of my favourite shots of the day.


2015 f1 party with hitch hiker


Since RE is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about the rain. No issue at all!

shinee concert

I love this shot, this is the best photo of the evening.

This is the video quality of RE, this is shot in HD, Kpop Group Shinee.

Let me give some honest reviews here. In short, I find RE handy, very responsive and it is waterproof. I love the wide angle feel by the camera and the video quality is quite good. The low light performance of RE didn’t disappoint me at all. I will take RE for my island tours in Thailand, will update once the review is up. Love this camera!


There are four colours for RE Camera and it is priced at is RM 739 inclusive of GST at retail in Malaysia.

The 2015 Malaysia Formula One ticket is sponsored by Malaysia Airlines.

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