April 24, 2024


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S6 Edge Camera Review with Pictures and Videos in Taiwan

We all know Samsung S6 Edge has a very good camera. During the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, we were blown away by the demonstration by Samsung on the S6 camera and also the comparison with iPhone6. Of course, that was a presentation and presentation is always a presentation.

Recently, I get hold of the Samsung S6 Edge unit and I brought the S6 Edge to Taiwan as I was spending my holiday with my family.
samsung s6 edge
Unlike other tech sites, I will NOT talk about the S6 Edge’s camera specifications because I believe in showing the end results rather than talking on the specs. Everyone can copy and paste the specs and say how good it is right?

I have and had a couple of smart phones; Samsung S4, S5, Mega and Grand, Mi Note, HTC M8 and iPhone 5. Comparing to those, S6 Edge is the best so far and I am still waiting for HTC M9+ as many feel that HTC M9+ is the real competitor of S6 Edge.

Please take note that all the images captured are using Auto Mode. I never used PRO Mode or other any functions, just Auto Mode only.

Not everyone is a photographer so it makes sense that a common smartphone user will only use Auto Mode. Thus, my pictures are mostly not filtered or high edited. Most of them are just resized as well as brightness and contrast and colour balance adjusted. I do not heavily edit my photos.
s6 edge baby in bassinet


That’s my son, Zen in the bassinet. We were flying in Malaysia Airlines Business Class thanks to MHUpgrade. This is on Automode.

s6 edge front camera wefie


Family picture using the front camera or everyone called it wefie. On Auto Mode too. I think it comes with auto “beauty face” feature because my face is never so smooth! Look at the colour and brightness (this is non edit picture), the front camera is impressive.

s6 edge malaysia airlines window view


This ight looks like a boring picture but not all smartphone can captured this picture. When you have a high contrast object outside the window, most cameras (on auto mode) will balance the picture based on the high contrast subject. Thus, it is quite hard to get the interior in such brightness. The red colour on the bottom left is the reflection on my wife’s shirt. If you believe me, try to use your smartphone or camera in auto mode to capture this type of picture using this angle, you won’t get the same quality as this.

s6 edge baby sleeping


This picture is brightened as I took this picture in total darkness. My son was sleeping in bassinet and there was only dim light. The beauty here is the camera can actually focus in darkness and captured the picture. Even though I have brightened the picture, the noise level is still acceptable. Trust me, most DLSR or compact cameras are not able to focus at such darkness and even it can, the noise level could be higher than this. This is a real WOW factor.

s6 edge taoyuan airport


This is TaoYuan International Airport, this is a beautiful airport and the cleaners must have waxed the floor, love the reflection.

s6 edge taipei traffic


I captured this from my hotel (Riverview Hotel Taipei) and you can see the sharpness of the picture as well as the colour. I didn’t edit this picture.

s6 edge zhixing market


Zhixing Morning Market. The taxi driver brought me here to experience the wet market in Taipei. This is on Automode, very impressive colours and quality.

s6 edge taipei train station


Taipei Train Station, I was here to buy souvenirs before heading back home.

s6 edge oyster mee suah


I did lots of food reviews on my smarphone camera, this is the famous Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle in Xi Men Ding. This is not edited and look at the sharpness.

s6 edge ciyou temple

Now, some night shots. This is Ci You Temple next to the main entrance of Raohe Night Market in Taipei. Check out the tones, the colour and the sharpness.
s6 edge taipei street night view


I captured this in the taxi and that’s why you see some reflection on the bottom left of the picture. I cropped and colour balanced the picture and this is on Zoom Auto Mode.

s6 edge taipei street view


Another night street view captured using auto mode in the moving taxi. I focus the car and take multiple shots and this is the perfect shot. The blurness of the side is created by the movement of the taxi. This picture is cropped and colour balanced.

s6 edge misty jiu fen


This magical scenery is Jiu Fen off Taipei.


The cook cooking oyster omelette in Xi Men Ding, captured in HD.

Scenery at Jiu Fen, captured in HD. Sorry for the shaky hands, I was holding my son on the other hand.

This is a 4K video and please select the quality to the highest to check the quality of the video. This is taken in Wufenpu in Taipei.

s6 edge jiu fen wefie

Overall, the S6 Edge camera capabilities are very impressive. Both front and back camera works perfectly fine. The camera loads faster now and the low light performance of the camera are impressive. The front camera is definitely better than S4 and S5 and it works perfectly fine too. The videos are good and sharp too. The 4K video is so heavy even my i7 laptop is having trouble viewing it and perhaps we are not ready for 4K videos yet at the moment. Lastly, I won’t talk about the specification of the camera as I believe the pictures and videos I shown are more important than the numbers.

This is not a sponsored post.

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