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MHUpgrade How to Upgrade to Business Class Cheap

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MHUpgrade How to Upgrade to Business Class Cheap

Are you flying with Malaysia Airlines and wants to upgrade to Business Class Cheap? If you are interested then you should understand more about MHUpgrade. Well, I didn’t know much about MHUpgrade until I booked my tickets for my upcoming trip to Taipei with my family. I received an email from Malaysia Airlines to get upgraded to Business Class with MHUpgrade so I did try my luck but before that, what is actually MHUpgrade?


What is MHUpgrade?

If you purchased a confirmed Economy Class or Business Class ticket on a flight operated by Malaysia Airlines, MHupgrade offers you the opportunity to upgrade by determining your own price for your upgrade.

You pay nothing until your offer is successful. We will inform you 48 hours before your departure.

Steps to Submit an Offer

  1. Make an offer

If you have received an offer email from us, click on the link provided in the offer email.

If you have not received an offer email, you may check your eligibility by entering your Airline Booking Reference and Last Name/Surname in the Check Your Eligibility box.

You will be directed to our offer page if you are eligible.

Use the price slider to choose your offer price.

  1. Enter Payment Details

Enter your credit card details to enable payment upon successful upgrade. No charges will be applied unless the upgrade offer is successful.

  1. Review and Submit

Ensure that all details are correct before submitting your offer.

You will be notified by Malaysia Airlines whether your upgrade offer is accepted 48 hours before your flight departure.

Upon successful upgrade, you will be provided with a new ticket and your offer price will be charged to your credit card.

Well, of course the instruction above was copied and paste from Malaysia Airlines website but in the real life scenario how does it work?

I bought two tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei for me and my wife a few weeks ago. How cheap is the fare let’s see.

mhupgrade kl taipei promo fare

The MH Basic from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei is RM 646 per person one way. I chose the cheapest and I bought two tickets.

mhupgrade kl taipei total promo fare

I spent RM 1,395.90 for one return economy tickets for Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur to Taipei. This is for one Economy Class Ticket, 30kg luggage, meals on board, in flight entertainment and drinks unlimited with the best cabin crew in the world.

What if I purchase a return  Business Class ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei? 

mhupgrade kl taipei business class actual fare

The cheapest Malaysia Airlines Business Class Return Ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei is RM 2,995.90 per person. Thus, the Business Class ticket is slightly more than double than the Economy Class Ticket of RM 1395.50. Please take note you get bigger service, awesome food and 40kg luggage allowance for Business Class.

However, I purchased the Economy Class Tickets for two.

mhupgrade email notification

Immediately after purchasing the two air tickets, I received an email from Malaysia Airlines about MHUpgrade. I didn’t look at the email until the second email came and it caught my attention. I asked around and I realized that many of my friends and even my sister used MHUpgrade. My friend had a 90% success rate even bidding on the lowest fare and my sister got her family flying on Business Class bidding on the lowest fare. How interesting!

Thus, I click the Upgrade Now button and check out how cheap is MHUpgrade.

Bidding with MHUpgrade

mhupgrade kl taipei bidding slider

When I click the MHUpgrade button, it landed on this page and there is bidding leveller. I can bid from the lowest of RM 314 to RM 734 for one way from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei to upgrade to Business Class.

mhupgrade kl taipei bidding cheapest

Of course I bid on the lowest at RM 314 from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei for two.

mhupgrade taipei kl bidding lowest

So I continue to another page to review my final bidding.

mhupgrade kl taipei business class bidding 2 fares

In total, I have to pay extra RM 1260 to bid for two return Business Class Tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei.

mhupgrade paying credit card

To officially bid the price, you have to key in your contact and your billing information (credit card) and submit offer. You will be charged RM 1 for verification. You know the drill here, you will receive the password from your credit card company to verify the transaction.

mhupgrade thank you note

After the complete verification of the credit card payment, you will receive this Thank You note on your email.

Please take note that Malaysia Airlines will decided on the bidding rate 48 hours prior of the departure time so I have to wait until I receive an official email whether my bid goes through or not.

At this time, you still can edit or cancel your MHUpgrade bidding 72 hours prior of the departure time so you still have time to decide whether to cancel or upbidding the fare.

Okay, how cheap is this MHUpgrade? 

For the Economy Class Return Ticket KUL- Taipei, it is RM 1395.90 per person. 

For the actual Business Class Return Ticket KUL- Taipei, it is RM 2995.90 per person.

With the MHUpgrade on the lowest bidding, the Business Class Return Ticket KUL- Taipei is RM 1395.90 + RM 630 = RM 2025.90. 

Thus, the Business Class Return Ticket KUL- Taipei for one person with MHUpgrade (lowest bidding) is RM 2025.90 and it is RM970 cheaper than the actual Business Class Return Ticket KUL- Taipei if the bidding is successful.
s6 edge front camera wefie
We flew to Taipei after our bidding was successful. It was a great flight experience and my son enjoyed the trip.

taipei zen business class

Our boy was really excited flying for the first time and he enjoyed it. I never thought we can fly on Business Class cheap. MH Upgrade definitely a great option if you are flying with Malaysia Airlines!

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