December 1, 2023


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KLIA Dress Code for Lost and Found Baggage

Recently, there are many stories on dress codes at government offices and how long the skirt should be and so on. Actually this happened to me as well last month. Since everyone is talking about it, I should share my real life experience in KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) last month.

I was traveling back from Taipei with my family and I left my luggage (bag) at the baggage carousel as I was too busy taking care of my son and his stroller and such. We went back home and realized that I left my bag in KLIA. Thus, I went to check the KLIA website and called up the numbers and I had to call the Malaysia Airlines Lost and Found number and luckily the awesome people in Malaysia Airlines kept my luggage in the Baggage Services Lost and Found area.

Since it was a night flight and I knew the luggage is on safe hands, I decided to go to KLIA the next day to collect the luggage.

I took leave that day as I wanted to rest after my long holiday in Taipei so I went here with my cute pink shorts (knee length) and sandals. Basically I was wearing my daily home clothes and I didn’t bother to take a picture how I wore that day.

I went to KLIA and asked around and I was told that I need to register at the Security Office. The office is called Aviation Security (AVSEC).
KLIA security area
Hence, I went to the enquiry counter and the security officer asked for some documents which I don’t have but I told them I called the Malaysia Airlines Lost and Found number and verified my bag is there. True enough, the security officer verified with the Malaysia Airlines staffs and I was good to go.

pink shorts
This is the pink shorts I wore, exactly the same one.

However, he realised that I was wearing a short and sandal and he told me to go back home to change because there is dress code to enter the KLIA building to the Baggage Services Lost and Found.

It took me by surprised and I was shocked and upset. However, I calmed down and tried to reason with him. First of all, KLIA is never near my home and secondly when I called up the number a day before there was nothing mentioned about the dress code. Thus, there are nothing mentioned in the KLIA website as well!

We had a discussion and I make sure I didn’t raise my voice and he asked me to visit the security office. In my mind, I just want to collect my bag and leave and I don’t want any troubles or arguments, I just want to get my bag and that’s all.
klia lost and found dress code
So in the security office, they have pants. Yeah, black long pants and shoes. So I asked them to get the largest size pants they have and I have to slip on the shoe without any socks. I had no choice and I couldn’t zip the pants as you know how big I am.
klia security tag
With the unzipped pants (and I hid it with my shirt) and shoe, I went to get my security tag which they gave it to me and went into the Baggage Services Lost and Found office.
klia office
There I was greeted by smiley Malaysia Airlines staffs and within minutes, I found my bag. At that moment, I was just too happy and want to go back home.
klia malaysia airlines lost and found area
Thus, I need to go back to the security office and gave them back the long pants and the black shoe.
klia bag
At the security counter, I bumped to a family, Caucasian tourists who are here on holiday throwing bad words to the officers as they had the same issue with me. They were wearing shorts and sandals with their children as they are here for holiday. I didn’t bother to take my camera and record it as I just wanted to go home.
klia lost and found website
To me, rules are rules and I will follow the rules and full stop. However, I feel that they should have a notice in their website so I can prepare myself in long pants or jeans with shoes.

Then, for tourists they come here for holiday. Sometimes they get delayed baggage or lost and found baggage issues like me. Malaysia is not a cold country and it is quite common for them to wear shorts and sandals or flippers and how you expect to change when their baggage is inside the complex?

Not everyone is accommodative like me and my intention of sharing this experience is a reminder for everyone to dress properly when you are collecting your baggage at lost and found area. I am not angry at the security officers as they are just doing their job. I hope my story can help others to avoid unnecessary dress code issues.

Malaysia Airports have clarified the issue and apologized to me. You can read it at

0 thoughts on “KLIA Dress Code for Lost and Found Baggage

  1. This is weird, who is the person that started such rules? Other countries are getting tourists flocking there due to hot bods found in bean curd shops, we r shooing tourists = $$ away when them sarongs and ugly black pants. I’m all for modest dressing and respectful dress code, but this is just twilight zone.

  2. This is a rubbish article. I have been there with my short sand so has my wife who wore above the knee shorts and we had no problems what so ever. I would think, if my dressing was an issue, I certainly would have taken a pic of what i was wearing to make a point. Why do I have a feeling you are just making this an issue ? Why not lodge a complaint ? I am sure MAS would have the details of when you were there to collect you bag and the security post would have noted down who gave the pass to you. And the fact that … YOU forgot your bag is utter rubbish !! Flew in from Taiwan and forgot your checked in bag ? Who are eff ae you kidding with this article.

    1. Hi Parwaiz,

      Thanks for your comments and are you sure they allowed you in to the luggage area with shorts with the passes? I have stated clearly that if its rules I will follow and this story is to warn people about the dress code and not trying to make a drama out of it. If I want, I will record it on video and make it a big scene. Like I stated, I just wanted my bag, that’s all and I just want to let people know about this dress code so they don’t get the same experience like me.

      Forgeting my bag is my negligence as it is an additional bag I checked in after we did too much shopping in Taipei.

      By the way the rules are stated by MAHB and not Malaysia Airlines.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. with so many such stories lately, i’ve actually told myself to pack a pair of long pants, shirt and a pair of sport shoes in my car, just in case……

  4. It’s kind of a weird rule, don’t you think? If I don’t live in KL.. and if I was on a vacation to KL and my baggage got misplaced, where am I to find any long pants or shoes? All my clothes would be in my bag, which is IN their Lost and Found office! Ridiculous!

  5. Same thing happened to me at the counter when i was registering to release one of my workers from the airport. Was given a pair of police shoes if i wanted to go in. shoe given was a size 8 and im a size 10. can you imagine the long walk from the counter through to security and all the way to immigration. gooooddd. i was wearing long pants and a pair of sandals.

  6. Doubt how true it is. I went in with shorts and slipper before. No problem at all. Searching for glamour?

  7. its different when u are in the lost and found department. As long as you haven’t leave the airport, i don’t think there will be an issue with you wearing sandals or short pants but in your case which required you to get a pass from the MAHB office in order to re-enter the secured area, the dress code is applicable because u are getting a temporary pass. Many people doesn’t know about it but well, it’s good that you point up about this.

  8. The same situation happened to me too… but it was KLIA 2…. we just back from vacation and because of late check in, our lugage have to follow the next flight.. because it was a beach vacation, all of us includes my kids are on short pants and sandals. The security office is so far away from lost and found.. same thing happened… the people don’t allow us to go in… all our house keys and pants are in the other luggage.. we ended up managed to get consensus to let my husband go to take our luggage but with their no socks giant shoe. It was so painful for my husband to walk in that shoe… however when he reach the arrival gate, he gets another block.. the security guard there question him why he is wearing the giant shoe and knee length pant and he should not go in just like that although we have the security pass… the guard was so rude to my husband and warned him never to wear like this again. After he took the luggage bag and out from departure gate.. he was so pissed that he take off the giant shoe and walk barefoot back to security counter that again… is so far away…

    Yes. .. attire rules are there… but it should be imposed at the right place and right situation… for my case.. how to change to long pants? We got nothing on hand and no keys to go back to.. the world is getting out of control now… the focus are all at the wrong place every where… we should look at more important issues rather than all this nonsense. …

  9. parwaiz win.. you are one very rude dude! if you think this article is purely rubbish then you must have read it in a negative manner.. well i think this article has good intention which we all should be aware of and that is about rules which are not stated clear enough for all to see.. it’s good that mr wilson shared his experience for all to be alert.. now i guess i would start packing along “decent”clothes anywhere i go because now shorts eventhough not too short are deemed ‘indecent’ in public..

  10. Yuckss.. Wearing clothing u hv no idea where it came from, wore by anyone?

    It’s so disgusting.. U hv no idea u can get any disease spreading diseases to people.. Omg..

  11. I have been travelling a lot and kind of sad to be a Malaysian whereby our government seems to rule out whatever they think is suit their own ‘legacy’. Appropriate dress code is understandable which individual should not over exposing themselves. Well, I don’t like to be a Malaysian anymore as long as we still have such ‘bully’ government. We have express so much our OPINION but didn’t bring any changes. See how many other races have left Malaysia in the past 10 years… count me in !

  12. Malaysia, truly Asia!
    If tourists from western countries learn about this, they’re better off visiting Indonesia ir even Vietnam (a communist country) rather than the Saudi Arabia of Asean!

  13. Wilson Ng, I think you are simply fishing for popularity for your so called blog in this case. Someone sent me a screenshot of you stating on facebook earlier that you also want to “jump on the bandwagon” because of the dress code situation and take advantage of this. I then took a look at your fb postings, you seem like you are one of those bloggers who would do anything for popularity and views to your blog. Bad bad ethics to gain popularity. Cute pink shorts? really? Too much shopping? really? forgot your bag? really? you can fool many, but not all.

    As HHlim said, searching for glamour? Yes, but in the wrong way. I read his blog (yes, you got 1 miserable view from me) and the articles are all fishing for views which are poorly written with terrible content. Sorry to say that.

    1. Hi Damien or whoever you are,

      So you are so free and your friend are so free to screenshot my facebook profile as I put it publicly put my conversation. Well, you can even screenshot whatever you are even my private message to my friends, my intention is clear and I have nothing to hide.

      I am one of the bloggers who do anything for popularity? Nah, I could have done more if I want. I like you judging me from the dark but my message is out and clear.

      MAHB has sent a formal message on the dress code so no one has go thru what I encountered or my ordeal in KLIA.

      Bad ethics? Do you read how many comments out there stating they are having the same issue? Did you screenshot that mate? Since you are so free, try to search whether did I blog about any rumours, scandals or conspiracy theories of anything at all?

      Fishing popularity? Have you read all the newsportal headlines in Facebook? I am sure all of them are not fishing for popularity.

      Again, if I want to be popular, I can iron my pants, wear it and take a picture of myself with a peace sign.

      Thanks for commenting yeah, whoever you are.


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