September 25, 2023


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Naithon Beach Phuket

Phuket is so commercialised and the beaches are so crowded. That’s what many Malaysians describe Phuket. The commercialised is true but the beaches are crowded? Well that is not true. Many Malaysians and probably Singaporeans too love to stay in Patong Beach and the most they go Kata and Baron Beach too. Maybe it is time for everyone to look for other quieter beaches and one of them is Naiton Beach.

naithorn beach phuket with trees
The beauty of Naithon beach is the quietness as well as the amount of space of the sandy beach.

If you never heard of Naiton Beach, it is okay as only locals know about this beach. The beach is located at North West just south of the Phuket International Airport. Many people didn’t realise that Phuket is a huge island so there are many quiet beaches on the island.
naithorn beach phuket scenery
You can find resorts at Naithon Beach and it is not as colourful or happening like Patong Beach.

naithorn beach phuket blue cloudy sky
The view of the sky and the sea is spectacular here. This is like paradise.

The beach is beautiful with stunning view of the Andaman Sea. It is very quiet at times and the beach is spacious.
naithorn beach phuket scenery with resorts
If you are looking for quiet beach near resorts and hotels, Naithon Beach is an ideal choice. Going to town is a bit far but it is always good to rent a car to venture the island.

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Naithon Beach Phuket GPS Coordinate:

8.059089, 98.277764

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