February 9, 2023

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Best Budget Airbnb Stay Sagrada Familia Barcelona

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Best Budget Airbnb Stay Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Last year when I travelled to a few countries in Europe, I booked my stay with Airbnb.com. It was our first time staying with Airbnb and it was a great experience.

The view of Barcelona.

We booked our stay in London, Barcelona and Paris, getting the best budget deals after days of researching in Airbnb.

Like many Asians, we tried to visit many cities in Europe in a short period of time and we need to play smart on our budget as we spent quite a bit in flights and trains fares in between cities.

When we travelled to Barcelona for a few days, we found this interesting room near Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece and one of the most iconic attractions in Spain and Europe. We found the room at Private Balcony in Sagrada Familia by Joel. He had dozens of great reviews from travellers around the world. However, he has strict house rules which we thought is fine with us.

This is Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi. One of the most iconic buildings in Europe.

His apartment is just one block away from Sagrada Familia and easy access to trains and busses. Just in the same block, you can find supermarket and restaurants. We found a friendly mobile shop nearby ran by Pakistani. There are many Pakistanis staying in Barcelona just for your information and they are very friendly to Asians based on our experiences.

The room. Picture is from Airbnb.

The size of the room is okay. There is no air cond, no cable TV but there is heater, fan and kitchen. The bathroom and toilet is shared by the whole apartment and he has strict house rules and even shower rules as I mentioned. Read more at Private Balcony in Sagrada Familia by Joel.

The actual view from the room. Picture is from Airbnb.

At night, it is not really noisy as we imagined. It is quite peaceful and we went there in August, it was not that hot either. The fan did its magic.

The other view of the room with standing mirror. Picture is from Airbnb.

The bed was okay and the room was clean. The most important thing for us is clean room and the owner took care of his property quite well. Things are arranged properly and neat.

The kitchen. Picture is from Airbnb.

We stayed out of the place most of the time and only come back during night time to sleep. Thus, we do not need any facilities as we prefer spending more time exploring the city than chilling in the room.

The bathroom. Picture is from Airbnb.

Joel, the owner is a nice guy but probably his bad command in English makes it hard to communicate with guests. In my opinion, he is a good person but dealing with dozens of guests, he wants to make sure his room rentals are strictly pure business. He is helpful as he guided the taxi driver to his place. Currently the room is only RM 215 including service fees per night which is a steal!

The living room. Picture is from Airbnb.

If you don’t have an account yet with Airbnb, you can sign up using my referral link (www.airbnb.com/c/wng30) and get RM95 travel credit to be used for your first booking. You can also gain more travel credit by sharing YOUR referral credit, and get RM95 when your friend completes a stay with Airbnb.

*The reason we didn’t use our pictures for this stay is we only stay at the place during night times and the apartment use dim lights and the pictures are not as clear as these.

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