July 6, 2022

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Halal Dubai Restaurant Itaewon Seoul

If you are traveling in Seoul and looking for a HALAL restaurant, you should consider in visiting Itaewon. I travelled with a Muslim group earlier this year and we spent most of our meals in Itaewon. Even on the main road of Itaewon 1-Dong Yongsan-Gu, there are plenty of HALAL restaurants and food available.

One of the restaurants we visited is Dubai Restaurant. I visited a few Halal restaurants and most of them either serve Indian or Middle Eastern food.

dubai restaurant itaewon

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and it is visited from the main road of Itaewon 1-Dong Yongsan-Gu. With the name Dubai, it is obvious it is a Middle Eastern restaurant. If you have not been to Korea, please bear in mind the food prices are quite pricey so always remember to bring more cash or a credit card. KW means Korean Won.


dubai restaurant itaewon bread
Bread (KW 1000)

The bread is similar to naan and it comes in a few pieces.

dubai restaurant itaewon french fries
French Fries (KW 4000)

It is typical French fries and it is nothing special or spectacular.

dubai restaurant itaewon lentil soup
Lentil Soup (KW 3000)

dubai restaurant itaewon arabian salad
Arabian Salad (KW 6000)

This is some green for vegetarians.

dubai restaurant itaewon chicken briyani
Chicken Briyani (KW 13000)

Something we can find in our restaurants and definitely better than this. However, this is a proper Halal food.

To be frank I don’t find the food here extraordinary but good enough for keep the tummy filled. Like I mentioned earlier, food prices is never cheap in Korea so prepare yourself before visiting the country. After enjoying your meal here, you can also go shopping at the shops in Itaewon.

Dubai Restaurant Itaewon Address and Contact:

127-2 Itaewon 1-Dong Yongsan-Gu

Seoul, Korea

Telephone: +82 2-798-9277

1 thought on “Halal Dubai Restaurant Itaewon Seoul

  1. Food look really awesome and I am sure it will be tasty as well.
    But I always wonder why Muslims promote HALAL food everywhere they go? Why cant they just say Food from Middle east or something. Is it some kind of promoting of Islamization?

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