May 31, 2023

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Jupiter and Venus as seen in Malaysia

For the past few days, there are two very bright stars in the sky. They are not stars and not aliens or anything near that. It is the two planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Venus. I assume the bigger star is Jupiter and smaller one is Venus. The conjunction of both planets are happening now up in the sky.

Planet Jupiter and Venus as seen in the sky during late evening a few days ago. Click to enlarge the picture. They looks like two bright stars.

The two planets were aligned today and formed to a huge bright “star”. Sadly, I missed that moment this evening and I think it happens during the day.

Now it looks like two bright “stars” in the sky.

How to find Jupiter and Venus in the sky?

I did some research and most of the websites offered geo location and some coordinate. As a layman, I can’t figure the numbers so the easiest way to find the two planets now is to look West (use compass) and look up the sky. The two planets should be there.

It looks better in late evening defnitely. Jupiter and Venus as seen in the sky now in Malaysia.

They are still shine and bright two hours ago as I took the picture and it should be around and you should be able to spot it in Malaysia. Except the weather is too hazy in some parts of Malaysia or else you can see both planets with naked eyes.

This is my first time seeing the two planets for the past few days even though the conjunction of both planets happens every year.

So if you are bored and nothing to do right now, just look west and look up to the sky and you will see the two beautiful bright planets, Jupiter and Venus.


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