February 6, 2023

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Echo Point and Three Sisters Blue Mountains

What are the free things to do in Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia? One of the beauty of Blue Mountains can be seen at Echo Point.

Echo Point is located in Katoomba (part of Blue Mountains) within the UNESCO World Heritage National Park. It is an observation point and it is a must visit place in Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters on the left and Jamison Valley on the right. What a beauty.

At Echo Point, you can view the famous Three Sisters. Three Sisters is an important and spectacular landmark.

It is an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal (native people) legend were turned to stone.  The rock is light orange in colour and you can view it easily from Echo Point (and you can actually view it at Scenic World which is further away).

The Scenic World captured from Echo Point using Zoom Lens.

The view of the Jamison Valley is magnificent and I enjoyed the view with the constant cooling wind from the valley.

You can find the Queen Elizabeth Lookout plaque here but slightly vandalised.

There is also Prince Henry Cliff Walk you can do here from the Echo Point. There is a mini map and you can some of the things you can see at the trail.

The trail is just beneath the lookout point and the trail is a man-made trail. The trail is safe as long as you are on the pathway and please do not attempt to do off track by yourself.

There are few ways in traveling around Blue Mountains. Hop on hop off bus is one of them but the easiest and cheaper solution is by self drive. For Malaysians, it is advisable to convert Malaysian driving license to International license in JPJ offices in Malaysia. Most rental car companies only recognised International License.

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