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Teraoka Gyoza Siam Paragon Bangkok

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Teraoka Gyoza Siam Paragon Bangkok

What to eat in Siam Paragon? If you walk into the Ground Floor of Siam Paragon, you enter the “circus” of food. There are three food sections in Ground Floor and dozens of food stalls and restaurants available.
teraoka gyoza siam paragon

One of the recommended places to eat is Teraoka Gyoza. They are the seven time gyoza champion from Gyoza Stadium in Tokyo. They are franchised by Thai company outside of Japan and they have a few outlets in Bangkok.

teraoka gyoza siam paragon menu
Teraoka Gyoza Menu. It sure looks cool.

Their award winning gyoza comes with chicken fillings and not pork and they have a good variety of gyoza available in their menu.

Mentai Cheese Gyoza (B 229)
teraoka gyoza siam paragon cheese mentai gyoza

It is their award winning chicken gyoza dressed with Mentaiko cod roe with cheese. It comes with five pieces of juicy gyoza with the tasty Mentaiko cod roe and the melting cheese. This is one of the best gyoza I had for a very long time.


Pilaf Mentai Cheese Set (B 325)

teraoka gyoza siam paragon pilaf mentai set
If you want to have more, take the Pilaf Mentai Cheese Set which includes the Mentai Cheese Gyoza, miso soup and mini scallop fried rice. The fried rice is slightly dry for my liking but it comes with generous amount of mini scallops. I wonder if mini scallops are very cheap in Thailand.

I will recommend the set for sure but too bad I can only tried one type of gyoza on my own. Maybe it is a reason for me to come back for more.

Open Daily from 10.00 – 22.00

Teraoka Gyoza Address and Contact:

Ground Floor

Siam Paragon

Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel : 02-610-7676



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