September 25, 2023


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FITRAH by Malaysia Airlines

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FITRAH by Malaysia Airlines

FITRAH is the latest video created by Malaysia Airlines for their Youtube Channel for Hari Raya 2015. Before you watch this video, I will strongly recommend you to watch BLESSINGS of Malaysia Airlines’ video for Chinese New Year 2015.
FITRAH went live today at 8pm, 12th July 2015 and the views are starting to pour in. The short movie almost hits 10 minutes mark but after watching the movie a few times, I feel 10 minutes is not enough. FITRAH story is heavily connected with BLESSINGS.

I still remember watching BLESSINGS and it left open so many question marks. Even I persuaded one of the directors, Mohd Hisham Salleh to spill the beans, he assured me that there will be a continuation movie to BLESSINGS and I am sure it is FITRAH.

FITRAH revolves in the life of the Chinese doctor in BLESSINGS and how he raised up by his Malay uncle. I guess you need to watch FITRAH to understand the reason why the doctor was so passive in BLESSINGS and it is so unbearable to know the truth in FITRAH.

This is another great short movie created by director Mohd Hisham and Linus Chung. I can’t wait for more movies from the duo and Malaysia Airlines. They have been delivering creative and world class short movies showing Malaysian culture and spirit. Can’t wait for more videos from them for Malaysia Airlines. Fitrah means “instinct” in Arabic.

If you want to watch a quality short movie, FITRAH is one of them.

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