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Almond Cookies at Koi Kei Macau

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Almond Cookies at Koi Kei Macau

There is a few popular local Macanese food in Macau every tourist knows, they are Portuguese egg tarts and almond cookies. Of course there are more than that in Macau but so far these two are the top of the list in popularity.
koi kei bakery macau

When you travel around Macau, you often see this familiar nakery by the name of Koi Kei. It is one of the local brand name in making Portuguese egg tarts and cookies. From what I learnt, it started as a humble bakery and now it becomes a franchise chain of bakeries selling Macanese food. They spread their wings to other countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. They have more than a twenty outlets in Macau alone and some described them as too commercialized. The bakery that I visited is near the Ah Ma temple. They offer plenty of local food with nice packaging good to bring back to wherever you come from. There is one food that caught my attention that day which is their almond cookies.

koi kei bakery macau almond cookies on trays

I was walking pass the bakery and I saw one of the workers arranging the cookies.
koi kei bakery arranging almond cookies

I am not sure what they called this process, heating up?

koi kei bakery macau almond cookies
The almond cookies are freshly made and you can get free smell of cookies. I tasted a few of them and it is actually quite nice and my mom loves this very much.
koi kei bakery macau almond cookies packaging
There are a few types of almond cookies available and they are nicely packaged to bring home. I tasted their egg tarts before and they were pretty good.

Thus, if you never heard of Macau almond cookies, this is one place you can get it back home as souvenirs from Macau.

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