March 22, 2023

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Akita Japan Preview

Last week, I was invited by Akita Tourism Board and Wendy Tour to discover and promote Akita in Japan. Akita is still unknown and unheard of by many people as it is one of the most unique places in Japan.

Akita as seen in the map is located North West of Japan. It takes around four hours of shinkansen ride from Tokyo passing Sendai.

Akita is a prefecture (state) of Japan located in the Tohuku region of northern Honshu in the main island of Japan and the capital is the city of Akita.

While in the Shinkansen, you get views of the mountains and rivers as you enter the Akita Prefecture.

My journey to Akita starts from Narita to Tokyo and taking a shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo Station for a four hours journey before reaching Tazawa station via JR East Pass.

The Tazawa Lake is calm and yet so beautiful. You can sit and watch the mirror-reflection view of Tazawa Lake for the whole day.

I travelled with a group of travel agents, media and representatives from Akita Tourism Board during my 4 days trip in Akita.

The farmlands of Akita is a totally different landscape of the usual hotspots such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe. This is the real Japan.

Unlike the other places in Japan, Akita offers a beautiful landscape view of nature as well as the farmlands of Japan.

Dressed in kimono with travel buddy, Yvonne, we walked along the Kakunodate (Samurai Street) of Akita. There are many preserved Samurai houses in Kakunodate and also highlights of Akita.
The hot springs on the mountains of Tazawa offers natural hot springs with murky water. They are very popular among the locals and there are only seven hot springs in this area.

Instead of the concrete jungle, Akita offers beautiful mountains, traditional Japanese houses, paddy fields, hot springs, myths and legends of the Namahage Gods and also the remains of Samurai residences at Kakunodate.

Thus, Akita is also popular for its pretty girls, quality rice and also the famous Akita dogs. Hachiko is a native Akita dog.

Behind us are the Namahage gods who are the myths and legends of Akita.

There will be more stories on Akita and my experiences in traditional Japanese homestay as well as visiting onsen (hot springs) in this part of Japan coming soon. Thus, I also visited the Oga Peninsula, which is a prominent feature of the coastline.

After the morning showers, I spotted many small green frogs in the farm of my host during my homestay in Akita.

For the preview, check out some of the pictures taken during my trip and if you want to know more, please visit our website again in near future.

This is another side of Tazawa Lake with Tatsuko Statue.

Thank you Akita Tourism Board for the warm hospitality as well as the host family in Akita. For more info in traveling to Akita and Japan, visit Wendy Tour

This trip is sponsored by Wendy Tour and Akita Tourism Board.

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