February 6, 2023

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Hard Rock Hotel Penang Review

There is only one Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia and it is in Penang. Opened a few years ago, the Hard Rock Hotel Penang has never stopped “rocking” the guests with its Hard Rock Hotel brand.

Located at Batu Ferringhi, the hotel provides one of the best views for sunset as well as one of the best beaches in Penang.

Always remember to check your tyre condition and tyre pressure before any roadtrips. Be safe than sorry.

I visited the hotel recently with my family as I wanted to bring my son for a road trip. Like many other road trips, it is important to have regular car service, tyre pressure and condition checking as well as car seat for the little one.

It is important to have a child car seat for your child. Zen loves his car seat.


Many people seems to underestimate the importance of the tyres but many forgotten that the car is running on the four tyres. Before any road trips, I always make sure the tires are on good condition as well as the right PSI (tyre pressure). If you ask me about my favourite tyre brand, it will be always Michelin, well trusted for decades.  

Driving from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Ferringhi takes around four hours (within speed limit) and a few toilet breaks. Once we reached the hotel, we were greeted by the smiley hotel staffs and we were assigned to the designated hotel guests parking spaces.

The beauty of Hard Rock hotels are the beautiful and creative designs and interior.


The beauty of having a huge room is Zen can runs around in the room. I love the space and the design of the room here.

You can find many creative arts such as the beautiful ceiling lights at the main lobby.  

  Thus, you can find many different types of arts of music legend Beatles around the hotel. It didn’t take long for us to check in to our room.

The room is huge and spacious. Since we have the ocean view, the room offers the landscape view of the swimming pool as well as the Batu Ferringhi beach and Strait of Malacca.

This is the seaview from the balcony of the room.

The room  comes with King size bed, FREE WIFI, flat panel TV, working desk and reading chair with balcony.

This might looks like a painting but actually is a sliding door in the bathroom.

I love how they designed the bathroom and how they use the sliding doors.

I always love a short note and welcome gift like this as this marks the sincerity as well as appreciation of the hotel to the guests.

I like small little things like welcome notes and welcome gifts. At Hard Rock Hotel Penang, they offer chocolates as welcome gifts, how sweet.

There are three pools here including the adult pool.

For my son Zen, he enjoys the baby pool. It is like a mini water park and it is good for families for sure. There are three parts of the baby pool. The shallow pool, the baby pool and play area. The shallow pool is covered with sand while the play area comes with a few water slides as well as splashing area, mini water fountains and a few more.

This looks like a mini water theme park for kids and they love it!

Zen can play for hours in the pool as we bought a float for him so he can play around in the pool. It didn’t take long for him to have new friends in the pool.

For family outings, most of the time is the young one who enjoys the most. Zen loves the pool.

The pool is our daily routine in Hard Rock Penang as Zen simply loves it. Whenever he wakes up from his sleep or his nap, he will walk to the glass door in the room and points to the pool.

Sunset at Batu Ferringhi is something we enjoy every evening at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

We stayed in Hard Rock Hotel Penang for three nights and we enjoyed it. The bed is comfortable as we tend to oversleep.

We dined at Hard Rock Café and tasted some of their usual signature dishes. These signature dishes are available in all other Hard Rock Cafes in the world. The quality of the food is the same and it is tasty for sure.

Hard Rock Cafe Penang’s Signature Beef Ribs, look at the size of it. The taste is good too.


It is similar to the food we had in Hard Rock Café in Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain so you know you having the same good food.

Not the best shot of the breakfast as there many other stations with Western and Asian cuisine.

The breakfast is a simply a feast. It is buffet style and there is Asian and Western breakfast and they are simply plenty of food available.

The kids go crazy with this, soft serve frozen yogurt, delicious and healthy.

I love the local food available as well as the dessert section and it is great to know that they offer soft serve frozen yogurt for breakfast.

The Rock Spa is something I will recommend. Check out their Happy Hour rates or book in advance. The prices are reasonable.

For those who enjoy getting pampered, you can check out their spa at reasonable prices.

The Rock Shop, an ideal place to buy a souvenir or to purchase some of the latest official merchandise from Hard Rock Cafe and Hard Rock Hotel brands.

Thus, there are three Hard Rock Shops in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. The first one is located next to the café and while the second one is located next to the lobby. The third one is a stand alone shop located next to the parking lots. They offer both Hard Rock Café Penang and Hard Rock Hotel Penang merchandises.

There are really awesome live bands in the evening that keep the evening rocking!

If you are lazy to drive out in the evening, you can always head to the lounge for some live band performances.

Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club is where you put your kids to play while you can relax. There are professionals handlers and staffs taking care of them.

The Hard Rock Hotel Penang is an ideal staycation for couples and families. There are also other facilities available specially tailored for children. You can have a piece of mind while your children are well taken care of by professional staffs in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. The children will have a great time with many fun activities while the parents can have a great time relaxing by the pool or enjoy the relaxation in the spa.


The Tabu Teens Club is the hang out place for the teens. There are many games and activities that will keep them busy.

If you are looking for a great time with your family, I highly recommend Hard Rock Hotel Penang. They have specific facilities for children and teens such as “Tabu Teens Club” and “Roxy Kids Club”. The beach, the sand, the stay, the facilities and the staffs will not disappoint you. I will definitely come back again for staycation with my family.


lways remember to check your tyres and your car before any road trips. I use Michelin tyres as it is a trusted brand as well as reliable.

A family wefie in front of the hotel, we loves our staycation at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

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