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Anak Philippines Bread Rua da Alfandega Macau

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Anak Philippines Bread Rua da Alfandega Macau

Discovering the lanes and alleys in Macau is so much fun. We were at October Fifth Street  or Rua de Cinco de Outubro and detour to Rua da Gamboa to get some almond cookies before walking up at Rua Da Alfandega towards Senado Square.

We were traveling with Michael, a friend who is staying and working in Macau and he knows a lot about the local food. That’s why some of our recommendations are not popular among tourists and you might even never heard or read about it.
anak philippines bread macau

We stumbled upon to this small bakery called “Anak Philippines”. It is opened by a Filipino and they only sell one type of bread, pandesal. Pandesal is a popular bread in Philippines and most of “Anak Philippines” are Filipinos. There are many Filipinos staying in this area as they are mostly foreign workers working in Macau.

anak philippined pandesal bread

You can spot the queue at all times as the bakery opens in late afternoon till late. The breads are selling at six pieces for 5 MOP. The breads are baked freshly so it is really hot.
anak philippines pandesal bread
Eat it while it is hot! The bread is plain but it is soft and tasty. You can butter or Nutella but my advice is to have it while it is still hot.

This might not be the usual local Macau food but it is something unique and enjoyable while you walking around Macau.

You can follow Anak Philippines at their Facebook Page at

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Anak Philippines Bread Rua da Alfandega Macau Address, Tel and GPS:

R/C, Edificio Pou Fat, Rua da Alfandega, No,115

Tel: +853 2893 9988

GPS: 22.193387, 113.537722

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