February 1, 2023

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Chui Heong Pastelaria Rua Do Gamboa Best Almond Cookies in Macau

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Chui Heong Pastelaria Rua Do Gamboa Best Almond Cookies in Macau

Where can you find the Best Almond Cookies in Macau? If you ask the tourists, some of the popular names will pop up but if you ask the locals, it is Chui Heong Pastelaria (最香餅家). You might never hear of that name Chui Heong Pastelaria or (最香餅家) but for locals, this is where to shop for their favourite Almond Cookies.

The shop is located at Rua Do Gamboa 128 R/C A, nested in the old area of Macau. It is in between October Fifth Street  or Rua de Cinco de Outubro and Senado Square.

We went there late, slightly over 7pm and they probably closed around 6 or 7pm. This was recommended by our friend Michael and we almost lost hope until a local ordered a few boxes of almond cookies and the owner opened its door.

Taking advantage of the situation, I introduced myself as a tourist from Malaysia, dying to taste their almond cookies and they opened their doors for me only. I managed to take a few pictures of their shop and also their home made almond cookies.

I bought five boxes of almond cookies for 130 MOP and one box is only 26 MOP.

As I was told, Chui Heong Pastelaria’s almond cookies are handmade and not machine made. They are prepared the traditional way. This is the one and only Chui Heong Pastelaria that has been around for decades and it is not commercialized at all. Their signature product is the almond cookies.

For the taste of the almond cookies, it is subjective. I am not a huge fan of almond cookies but the fragrant of the almond and you can spot the almonds in the cookies.

Thus, if you want some real authentic almond cookies, you should visit Chui Heong Pastelaria but if you want the convenience, you can always get the almond cookies from the usual popular brands.

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Chui Heong Pastelaria Almond Cookies Address and Telephone:

Rua Do Gamboa 128 R/C A

Tel:  2838 3858

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