February 5, 2023

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Is Tokyo Banana Halal?

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Is Tokyo Banana Halal?

Tokyo Banana is a savoury dessert only available in Tokyo, Japan. If you travel to Tokyo and you have not tasted Tokyo Banana then your trip to the city is incomplete.

Tokyo Banana Miitsuketa went on sale since 1991 and millions of Tokyo Bananas have been sold since. It is a banana shape sponge cake with delicious banana cream filling. It is soft on the outer layer while the banana cream filling is not too sweet and fragrant with natural banana flavour. Many tourists including locals go crazy with Tokyo Banana.

Tourists usually buy them as souvenirs as they are uniquely available in Tokyo only. To maintain the quality and the taste of the Tokyo Banana, the dessert can only last within a week. Thus, they make fresh Tokyo Banana almost daily and they are usually sold out within a day or two. They introduce new and seasonal flavours with new taste and fillings from time to time so you have more to shop and taste. Most tourists will buy at least 3 to 4 packs each for souvenirs. I’ve seen tourist getting more than half a dozen pack. They are a brilliant souvenir as they are priced reasonably as well as tasty. A pack of original eight pieces of Tokyo Banana is below 1,100 Yen.

We love Tokyo Banana but the big question mark is, is it HALAL?

From the packaging, there are two ingredients that stood out. Firstly is the Gelatin and second one is the wine/liquor. We are unsure what is the gelatin made of but there is definitely alcohol in Tokyo Banana.

In conclusion, there is gelatin and alcohol in Tokyo Banana and is it still Halal?



5 thoughts on “Is Tokyo Banana Halal?

  1. I am helping you answer it. From my knowledge as a Muslim, for gelatin we have to know which source the gelatin is made from . But with the alcohol contain, it is non halal. 😀

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