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Nakajima Library Akita International University

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Nakajima Library Akita International University

One of the places I went in Akita with Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour is Akita International University. As a university graduate from Australia, I was interested to know more about Japanese International universities especially in Akita.
akita international university

Akita International University is a young university as it is established in 2004 with only eleven years of history. They are one of the few English speaking universities in Japan and locals are encouraged to stay in dorm for the first year to speak English with other International students. They partnered with over 150 universities worldwide including a few from Malaysia. It is part of the Akita tour which include schools and universities visit initiated by Wendy Tour and Tourism Akita.

nakajima library akita side view
The highlight of this university is the library. It is called the Nakajima Library.
nakajima library akita vertical view

When I stepped into the library, I was stunned by the view, the design and architecture.

This is one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve visited or even seen.

nakajima library akita full
The library is opened 24 hours and 365 days a year.

nakajima library akita panoramic

I was shown to other facilities in the university and I was impressed. In fact, maybe one day I will come back again as a student or a teacher? Why not?

Visiting schools and universities while traveling is common as the architecture, the history and the design is unique on its own. I still remember visiting many universities in Australia as well as in England.

For more information on the university visit their website at http://web.aiu.ac.jp/en/.

For more information to visit Akita Japan, visit Wendy Tour Facebook Page athttps://www.facebook.com/wendytour.to.nippon or visit their website at http://www.wendytour.com.my/.


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