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Sony RX10 II KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for Malaysia

First of all, I must thank Sony Malaysia to select me as SONY RX10 II (Mark 2) KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for Malaysia. I am humbled by the selection and also proud to be in the Sony Camera KOL family.
sony experience 2015

I am a self-taught photographer and it is now part of my hobby and work as I travel around the world as a food and travel blogger. For the past few years, I was a KOL for other brand and I also used quite a number of different digital cameras and DSLRs.

SONY RX10 II (Mark 2)

It is not a secret that I prefer mirrorless digital camera than DSLR while traveling and I have published my pictures in magazines and newspapers with mirrorless cameras in the past. Do not underestimate what mirrorless cameras can do, just visit one of the Sony Centres and check out their latest mirrorless cameras and get impressed.

How did I get to be a KOL?


Sony Malaysia contacted me a couple of weeks ago as they were looking for a KOL. They have gone through some of pictures on my blog and Facebook Page and they called me to invite me to be the KOL for Sony RX10 II (Mark 2).

akita small frog
Captured this in the homestay in Akita. This is a very small frog and luckily it stayed there for a while.

We had a meeting and they showed me the SONY RX10 Mark 1. They loaned me the unit and I travelled with it to Akita Japan for a sponsored trip. I told them that it is best for me to get familiar with Sony RX10 Mark 1 before I become a KOL. Sony RX10 is not an interchangeable camera but it is fine for me as it perfectly fits as a travel camera.
akita sunflower butterfly makro

One week in Japan with Sony RX10 and I fell in love with the camera. The colour of the camera is stunning and the 2.8 aperture is very handy in low light conditions. I can basically say goodbye to flash lights.

house of dancing water 2015 top fight
Captured this in The House of Dancing Water in Macau.

From there onwards, I did not look back. With the new Sony RX10 II, it works better especially on the colours as well as the shuttle speed. The slow motion video or High Frame Rate is something fun to have in a camera but it is useful for sports photography.

october 5th street night view lights
Macau old street view. I love the low light performance of the camera as well as the natural colour of the picture.

This is a total package camera for traveling. I took some really amazing shots in Macau recently and I loved it. sony experience rx gallery
Lastly, thank you Sony Malaysia for everything. For info on the camera, read http://www.sony.com.my/product/dsc-rx10m2



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