May 27, 2022

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18 Pictures Will Make You Want to Visit Tachai Island Thailand

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18 Pictures Will Make You Want to Visit Tachai Island Thailand

Tachai island or Koh Tachai is a small island located at the north of Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. It is near Khao Lak, a small town in Phang Nga which is less than two hour drive from Phuket International Airport.

18 Pictures Will Make You Want to Visit Tachai Island Thailand

Tachai Island also known as “Virgin Island” as the locals called it. It is not as popular like other islands such as Ko Lipe, Phuket Island or Koh Samui but it is one of the top islands to visit now in Thailand.

Many regards Tachai Island is one of the best places to dive and to snorkel in Thailand.

We took hundreds of pictures of Tachai Island and we handpicked the best 18 pictures.

These 18 Pictures Will Make You Want to Visit Tachai Island Thailand!

tachai island girl photographer
This is Tachai Island. Crystal clear water and white sandy beach.
tachai island side view
Look at the colour of the water and the sand.

tachai island snorkeling girl
Snorkeling near Tachai Island.
tachai island divers
Everyone was having fun snorkeling.
tachai island crystal blue water
Crystal clear water from the beach.
tachai island white sand
I am stepping on the white sands on the beach.
tachai island wide shot
Clear blue sky, white sandy beach, is this paradise?
tachai island wide shot with people
No matter how many pictures you take, the beach is still white.
tachai island reflective beach
Walking on the beach side .
tachai island love andaman cruises
The two Love Andaman cruises off Tachai Island.
tachai island love andaman
This is paradise.
tachai island couple selfie
A couple selfie on Tachai Island.
tachai island selfie and photobomb
Everyone tries to be creative with their selfies.
tachai island group wefie
A wefie stick and group picture.
tachai island photographer
The photographer is taking the picture of the view of course.
tachai island kid
This is the reason it is one of the top islands to visit in Thailand now.
tachai island walking back
tachai island love andaman cruise
Best tour operator to Tachai Island,

Here is more information on Tachai Island.  Due to strict restriction by the Mu Ko Similan National Park, visitors are not allowed to overnight on the island.

Thus, they will restrict the numbers of visitors soon to the island to protect the island. Currently, they are in talks to impose the new rules with tour operators.

Currently the island is usually closed from mid June to mid October every year due to the monsoon season.

The beauty of Tachai Island is the white sandy beach and it is not over commercialized. It is still very well maintained and it is one of Thailand best kept secret!

You need to book local tour for Tachai Island and the best local tour operator is Love Andaman. This is the second time I travelled with them after visiting Maiton Island with them.

They are highly recommended as they are reliable and professional. They limit the number of visitors per boat and they offer good food for lunches. Expect five star in terms of service and quality with Love Andaman. Book your trip to Koh Tachai with

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