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5D AKITA Homestay + School Visit Experience (5天东北学校游 ) Tour Package

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5D AKITA Homestay + School Visit Experience (5天东北学校游 ) Tour Package

Akita is a prefecture (state) of Japan located in the Tohuku region of northern Honshu in the main island of Japan and the capital is the city of Akita. It is not a popular region to travel as it is quite far from the popular cities. However, it is one of the best kept secret of Japan.

akita 5d homestay large

The best way to travel around Akita is with trusted and reputable travel company. Wendy Tour is a Japanese owned travel company based in Malaysia and they work closely with Tourism Akita so you can get the best travel deals with them.

Recently, I joined their tour package and visited Akita and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery as well as the homestay experience. This is the real Japanese experience that you can’t get in other places in Japan. Akita is still new to tourism and the place is a beauty.

The following is their 5D AKITA Homestay + School Visit Experience with pictures from my trip.

5D AKITA Homestay + School Visit Experience (5天东北学校游 ) Tour Package



Meet tour guide at Narita Airport and proceeds to take the train to Tokyo station to exchange to Bullet train to Akita. You will be riding on JR E6 Shinkansen (Bullet Train) with top speed of 320 km/h!

Upon arrive at Akita, you will be transfer to Nyunto Onsen Hot Spring Village tour. You can read my experience at

kuroyu onsen natural hot spring

You can experience and enjoy a hot spring bath at traditional onsen ryokan .

After that you will proceed to check in the hotel for dinner and rest. Enjoy the evening under the stars!



Guide will meet everyone at hotel lobby .

0900am proceed to Kakunodate tour :

Lake Tazawa Tour, Tatsuko Statue and Gozanoishi Jinja Shrine.

akita tazawa lake with tatsuko statue

The Lake Tazawa is one of the most beautiful lakes in Japan and you will be mesmerised by the mirror-view lake.

Thus, you will be visiting the Tatsuko Statue and learn about the legend of this statue and why it is such an important icon to Tazawa and Akita.

akita Kakunodate Kakuhou High school volleyball

After lunch will continue journey to Kakunodate Kakuhou High school. Get to see and experience the Japanese high school and how it is different from the schools in Malaysia. Prepare to open your eyes and see the level of education of high school in Akita as well as the attitude of the students. You will be amazed.

One of the highlights of Akita is the Samurai District. Here, you will be wearing kimono or yukata (included in the tour package) and walk like a Japanese. This is another memorable experience.

akita samurai street couple kimono

At Samurai District, you will visit the Aoyagi House Museum.

Next, you will be meeting your homestay host as they will bring you to your homestay to check in and rest.

akita homestay by the stream

I had one of the most memorable experiences as I had dinner with the host at his home gathering around the “irori”. Irori is a traditional Japanese sunken hearth which is very rare in Japan! Lucky for me, the homestay has been featured in Japan TV stations with its traditional features. I had sake, souju, wine and beer as we laughed till late and night.

akita homestay irori

Please take note that the homestay experience differs depending on hosts. This homestay experience is exclusively for Wendy Tour as partnership with Akita Tourism Board.



After enjoy delicious homemade breakfast, we will explore unique Japanese homestay culture, such as cooking japanese food, wearing Kimono or Yukata, Penmenship, Cha Tao or experience as farmer activity are special organize by houseowner.

oga ninomegata lake
The beautiful NinoMegata Lake in OGA.

After lunch, will check out homestay and continue journey to visit Akita University and check in Oga resort . Oga is a beautiful coastal town like you never see before.

Nightime visit and enjoy Namahage Drum Performance and dinner.The Namahage Drum Performance is full of energy and also history of Oga and Japan. You will be entertained by the drum performance. Namahage are “gods” from this region. This drum performance only available in this region of Japan!



After breakfast and check out from the Hotel and visit the Namahage Museum.

akita namihage museum

Namahage are the legends and gods of Akita. This is a dedicated museum for Namahage and be prepare to know more about this legendary gods and its purpose in Akita Japan. There are exhibits, stories, videos as well as live performances of Namahage and do stop by at their souvenir shop for some gifts for your family and friends.

Next it is time to say goodbye to Akita and travel back to Tokyo by shinkansen (bullet train).

The tour will end at Tokyo station, the only ‘station-city’ in the world. This grand station building with its impressive red-brick walls stands at Marunouchi Exit to shopping at the underground mall.

tokyo hachiko wefie
We went to see the Hachiko statue and this is our wefie!

Lastly, you will take the train back to hotel in Tokyo for check in. Dinner will be on your own and it is time to discover Tokyo at night by yourself and it is quite convenient to travel around Tokyo by train.


DAY 5: (B) FREE and Easy in Tokyo

This is the free and easy day in Tokyo until the transfer to Haneda International Airport for your flight back to Malaysia.

If you intend to do shopping in Tokyo, this is the time to do so. It is very convenient to travel around the city and do contact Wendy Tour for night extensions.

tokyo akasuka praying
We took a train and visited this beautiful Akasuka Temple in Tokyo!

If you are a huge lover of Tokyo Banana, it is cheaper to purchase in Haneda International Airport as it is tax free there but they have limited variety of Tokyo Banana variants.

I enjoyed my tour in Akita and we had a very professional guide, a Malaysian who is residing in Japan now. The experience in Akita is very memorable unlike other places of Japan. If you want to live like Japanese and experience the “real” Japan, you can consider traveling to Akita Japan with Wendy Tour.


※           School Visit is only available for Education Group (subject availability)

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