February 6, 2023

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Cat Café Playground Myeong Dong

Have you visited a cat café before? I am not a big fan of cats but I visited a cat café when I visited Myeong Dong Seoul earlier this year.

I visited the city twice and on my recent trip, I bumped to a weird cat looking mascot. Actually there are dog and frog mascots in Myeong Dong too. Since fate brings the mascot to me and my friends, we decided to visit the café.

The cat café is called Cat Playground Café and it is located on the upper floor of 66-4 Myeong-dong Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea (the same row with New Balance shop).

There is a cover charge of 6000 KW per person (if not mistaken). There are 40 cats in the café and it is nicely warmed during winter with coffee available.

I didn’t stay long as I just wanted to have a look at the cat café. The owner wanted the cover charge and as I can’t speak Korean, I just walk away. There is nothing wrong for the owner to request the cover charge as this is how they do business. If not, who will pay for the café rental, operating cost and wages.

I totally understand where they come from and they are friendly people too.

It is unfortunate that I didn’t have the luxury of time to chill and drink some coffee and play with the cats.

The café is very clean and the children friendly too. Of course the cats are very adorable and cute.

If you are a cat lover and so happened traveling in Myeong Dong, you can drop by enjoy a cup of coffee and play with the cats.

For more info on the café, you can visit their Facebook Page (in Korean) at https://www.facebook.com/catplayground/

Cat Café Playground Myeong Dong Address and Contact:

66-4 Myeong-dong Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel: 02- 3789 2207 / 010-77330990

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