December 8, 2023


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Restoran Makanan Laut Boon Tat

We all know Klang is popular with seafood. I don’t dare to say it is that cheap anymore but it is definitely fresher. There are many popular seafood restaurants in Klang and we have our own favourite too.

restoran makanan laut boon tat klang

We usually visit this restaurant, Restoran Makanan Laut Boon Tat. It is recommended by my in laws who visited the restaurants for decades. It was a wooden house converted to restaurant back then and now they converted a bungalow to restaurant.

It is a small setup so there are limited numbers of tables in the restaurant. Please book your tables or else you might have to wait especially weekends.

There are few popular dishes in this restaurant and they are chilli crabs and prawns, soup mee hoon with promfret fish and stuffed fish roll.

restoran makanan laut boon tat klang chili crabs
Chili crabs

Their version of chili crabs is different than Singapore’s version of chili crabs. Their version of chili paste is spicier, fragrant and greasy. Just wash your hands before you make them dirty. We tasted this dish various times and they never let us down before. The crabs they used are “meat crabs” and they are reasonably sized.

restoran makanan laut boon tat klang chili prawns
Chili prawns

It is the same method of cooking like chili crabs but you just can’t help getting your hands dirty with these fresh prawns. It is their secret chili paste that makes them delicious. I am not a big fan for spicy food but I love both their chili crabs and prawns.

restoran makanan laut boon tat klang mee hoon with promfret
Promfret Fish with Soup Mee Hoon

This is definitely for mee hoon lover. It is a bowl of steamed soup mee hoon with promfret fish. The soup is sourish taste but in general the taste of this dish is light. The taste of this dish is totally opposite of the chili crabs and chili prawns.

restoran makanan laut boon tat klang stuffed fish roll
Stuffed Fish Roll

This is a unique dish. The fish is deconstructed and reconstructed with mixed meat and deep fried to perfection. Somehow I don’t fancy this. This is to compliment with chili sauce but it is too dry for my liking.

Overall, their signature dishes are delicious and the price here is slightly higher than the other seafood restaurants in Klang. There are parking spaces opposite the restaurant but the location of the restaurant is hard to find without Waze or Google Map.

Restoran Makanan Laut Boon Tat Address:

943, Jalan Letchumanan, Kawasan 12, 42000 Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Phone:+60 3-3168 7116

GPS Coordinate: 3.002184, 101.412251

Closed on Mondays

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