April 13, 2024


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MASWings Flight Experience

Why experience is priceless? In one of my travel experiences, I hopped on to Indiana Jones’ style airplane unexpectedly. It was an old Otter aircraft and it was one of the most memorable rides.
maswings malaysia

I was flying from Miri to Lawas in Sarawak with MASWings with my friend.  It was the ride that kept us talking till today. I flew in small airports before this. A few smaller airports in Australia and Argentina so as I thought I have seen it all, apparently it wasn’t the case.

mas wings weight machine

For the first time, we need to weigh ourselves with our luggage before getting into the flight. As embarrassed as we were, we need to get ourselves weighed recorded before the flight. They needed the total weight so the plane will not overweight. Sounds weird but it is true.

mas wings no cockpit door

It was a small commercial flight and it can carry less than 20 persons if not mistaken. The surprise part was not about the capacity but the interior of the flight.

mas wings pilot taking the plane up

There is no cockpit door! We can see how the pilots flew the plane as there was no door at all. Flying an old aircraft like this means, it is all dependent on the pilots and it was really cool to see them in action in front of us!

mas wings fan
When I mentioned about Indiana Jones style, I really mean it. The seats are small and there is no air cond at all. Yes, there are a few small fans but no air cond.

No one was complaining as it was really an experience of a lifetime.
mas wings wefie
I am not sure this old air craft is still flying but I don’t mind flying with them again. The flight was okay and thank you MASWings for the unexpected experience.

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