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Top 12 Food in Macau

Macau is one of the most unique countries in the world. It has the history, culture and food of both Portuguese and Chinese. During the Portugal colonial, the Portuguese brought in its culture, its influences and most important of all its food. During the colonial, the food scene in Macau evolves to a unique fusion food of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine.

That’s why Macanese food is different than Zhuhai or Hong Kong. After visiting Macau four times and spent almost a month in total, we listed a total of Top 12 Food in Macau.

Remember you can fly direct from Malaysia to Macau with AirAsia. Read our experience at AirAsia to Macau Flight Experience.

This is a multiple pages story as it is easier to read in Mobile version. The Top 12 Food in Macau is as follows:

  1. Portuguese Egg Tart

Top on our list is the Portuguese Egg Tart. It is said to be created by the late Andrew of Lord Stow and now it is almost everywhere in Macau.

The Portuguese Egg Tart is thicker than the usual Chinese egg tart, crispier crust, sweeter egg filling and it you can the upper layer is slightly burned as it is roasted. The roasted part is the thin layer of sugar.

The Portuguese Egg Tart is very tasty as you can taste the crunchy crust with the soft texture of egg filling. It is sweet and greasy but it taste heavenly.

You can find Portuguese Egg Tarts everywhere in Macau even in the Macau International Airport.

The popular ones are Lord Stow and Margaret’s Cafe e Nata and you can also find them at Koi Kei and other bakeries.

There is also a bird nest version of the egg tart, much lighter in taste at San Hou Lei.




  1. Pork Chop Burger

The pork chop burger is another Macanese food you should try. Imagine pork chop deep fried into perfection and sandwiched in between butter toasted buns.

The buns are slightly toasted where you will taste that the buns are soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The pork chop is marinated and deep fried to perfect timing and the meat is tender and not over fried.

There are quite a number of restaurants selling pork chop burger especially in Senado Square area but the popular one is Taileiloikei. Tai Lei Loi Kei have moved to a shoplot in Taipa from the original outlet (next to the Museum of Taipa & Coloane History)

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  1. Please, correct the name, is not balcalhau but bacalhau. A simple search in google may show the correct portuguese word for Cod fish: bacalhau. Cheers, Nuno

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