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Wong Chi Kei Famous Shrimp Egg Noodles

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Wong Chi Kei Famous Shrimp Egg Noodles

What is good food in Macau? Well, we wrote Top 12 Food in Macau last year and Shrimp Roe Noodles is one of the top foods you should try.

There are quite a number of restaurants in Macau offer shrimp roe noodles but the famous one is Wong Chi Kei located in Largo da Senado. We wrote about them five years ago and recently we revisited the restaurant for follow up review.

wong chi kei senado square

The restaurant was packed as usual with many tourists waiting in line for a table. Like Hong Kong, space is limited in Macau too especially in prime area like Largo da Senado (Senado Square).

wong chi kei menu
Wong Chi Kei Macau Menu

When we look at the menu, the price of the food has increased since 2011. The popular braised noodle with shrimp egg was HK$36 five years ago and now is selling at HK$60 per bowl. Well, to be fair it is not just in Macau but in Hong Kong too and mostly due to high rentals. Many Hong Kong popular restaurants have wind down due to this reason.

The service is fast as usual. The turnover in the restaurant needs to be quick as many customers are queuing outside of the restaurants.

We ordered more food than our last round a few years ago. We were there with our parents and also friends from Macau.


wong chi kei wonton noodle
Shrimp dumpling with noodle in soup. (HK 36)

The shrimp dumplings here are mouthful and filled with shrimps (prawns). Well, the reason we wrote this as most shrimp dumplings in Malaysia often mixed with meat.

wong chi kei wonton

The taste of the soup is subtle but the homemade noodle is gorgeous. The texture of the noodle is al dente, not too hard and not too soft.


wong chi kei crab congee
Fresh Crab Congee (HK 90)

This is another unique Macanese dish. It is very popular in Macau however the taste is quite subtle and bland so many might argue this dish might not be flavourful. This is simple rice congee or porridge cooked with fresh crab. You get to taste the freshness of the crab and don’t expect much in terms of taste from this.


wong chi kei deep fried shrimp
Deep fried shrimp dumplings (5 for HK36/ 10 for HK 66)

This is one of their signature dishes. This is very crispy and it goes well with their special sauce.


wong chi kei braised noodle with shrimp roe
Braised noodle with Shrimp Eggs (HK 60)

We love this and this is still as good as it used to be. The consistency is there, the homemade noodle is gorgeous and they are generous with the dried shrimp eggs. Make sure you mixed the shrimp eggs with the noodles before you taste it. It comes with the broth and you can add some if you want. This is the dish whether you love it or hate it. It didn’t disappoint us for sure.

Always remember that Macanese cuisine is not as flavourful as our Malaysian cuisine. Do not expect everything to be flavourful. We enjoyed their signature dishes, braised noodle with shrimp eggs, wonton noodle and deep fried shrimp dumplings.

If you plan to visit this restaurant, visit during odd hours or else you will be waiting for a very long time. Take your number, walk around in Senado Square and come back. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Macau so this is definitely worth the visit.

Wong Chi Kei Address:

17 Largo do Seal Senado, Macau

Phone:+853 2833 1313

Hours: Open today · 8:30AM–11PM


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  1. Oh my the food looks really good and the dried shrimp egg noodles? Just say no more, I am there! Beautiful pictures by the way 🙂

  2. Having the restaurant on your top 12 means it is really goos, i havent been to Macau, i guess i’ll consider it once i make my travel there

  3. you got my mouth watering with that wantan mee and shrimp dumplings… I am gonna earmark this restaurant as the to go place in Macau if and when I go there…

  4. braised noodle and shrimp egg is something really different and not seen often in Malaysia. Would love to visit Macau and Hong Kong to try out one day!

  5. My goodness, the braised noodle with shrimp egg look nice. I want to try this when in Hong Kong. planning my travel to Hong Kong Soon.

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