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The Mandarin’s House Macau

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The Mandarin’s House Macau

This is one of the hidden gems of Macau. Many of us are familiar with places like Ruins of St. Paul, Senado Square, Ah Ma Temple and others but not many people heard of The Mandarin’s House.

mandarin house circle

The Mandarin’s House is a very unique property in Macau. It was built around 1869 and it was the ancestral home of a person by the name of Zheng Guanying. The uniqueness of Mandarin’s House is not about the age but the size of it.

mandarin house macau backyard

The house occupies an area of 4000m2 in the city! The house are built with buildings and open spaces and designed in various architectural styles. Thus, the entire property has more than 60 rooms in total! A private property like this is rare in Macau and even in Malaysia too.

mandarin house macau

Like many old buildings, Mandarin’s House also suffered damaged due to time and weather. However since 2002, the Macanese government took the effort to conduct conservation work. The whole process took them 8 years to bring back Mandarin’s House to its glory days.

mandarin house unesco list

Thus, it was inducted into UNESCO List of Heritage Sites and now it stood proudly as one of the historical gems of Macau.

mandarin house door

The property is like one of those old rich properties in China. The place is so huge we took quite some time venturing.

mandarin house inner large hall

What we love about this place is it brings the nostalgic feeling of old China but in Macao. The Mandarin’s House is so beautifully restored it doesn’t feel like a century old anymore.

mandarin house windows

This is also a perfect place for pre-wedding photography and we are sure many have not discovered this place yet.

mandarin house small garden

Expect to spend at least half an hour here. The Mandarin’s House is located at No 10, Travessa de António da Silva, Macau and it is a within walking distance from Ah Ma Temple. This one place you must visit when you travel to Macau.

mandarin house two storey view

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Opening Hours

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

(No admission after 5.30 p.m., closed on Wednesdays, except public holidays)

The Mandarin’s House Address:

No 10, Travessa de António da Silva, Macau

GPS: 22.188503, 113.534442

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  1. How lovely! Wouldn’t mind visiting this place when I head to Macau. It seems so oriental and traditional 🙂

  2. so pretty… this is exactly the sort of place I love to visit when traveling… huhuhu… going to have to plan for a trip to Macau soon

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