October 1, 2023


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Sony RX10 II Super Slow Motion Video Test High Frame Rate 1000fps

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Sony RX10 II Super Slow Motion Video Test High Frame Rate 1000fps

We have been using the new Sony RX10 II (Mark 2) for a while and so far it has been very impressive to say the least. One of the key features of Sony RX10 II (Mark 2) is the high speed photography which we featured recently as well as the slow motion video.

Sony RX10 II (Mark 2)

How slow is slow?

How about high frame rate of 1000fps in PAL? There is no typo error, it is indeed 1000fps!

You can start recording High Frame Rate video by selecting the HFR option on the top dialler.

sony rx10 II high speed balloon 1
Sony RX10 II high speed photography

The record setting can 25/50p 50M and frame rate of 250/500/1000fps. For priority setting, quality priority is clearer but only 2 seconds of video filming while shoot time priority is around 4 seconds (if not mistaken) but lower quality.

To trigger the record press the enter button and then the movie button to start. Remember it is around 2 seconds of recording so make you seconds count!

After 2 seconds, the camera will process the video to slow motion video. Sound will not be recorded and you will be thrilled by the result!


For info on the camera, read http://www.sony.com.my/product/dsc-rx10m2

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