July 18, 2024


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Sony RX10 II Super High Speed Photography

How fast is super high speed photography? Is it 1/8000 shutter speed is considered super high speed? Well, with Sony RX10 II (Mark 2), it can go as fast as 1/32000 shutter speed!


Sony RX10 II (Mark 2) is the latest RX series camera from Sony and one of the key features is the super high speed photography as well as super slow motion video of 1000fps. I know it sounds crazy but what can you capture with super high speed photography?
sony rx10 II high speed pelican 2

At KL Bird Park, I did try the high shutter speed. I didn’t go as high as 1/32000 but 1/4000. I took a shot of the pelican washing itself in the manmade lake. sony rx10 II high speed balloon 2
I took a couple more shots during the Sony Experience 2015 launch with 1/16000 shutter speed. I was unveiled as KOL (Key Opinion Leader for Sony RX10 II (Mark 2) during the event.
sony rx10 II high speed balloon 4

All the water balloon pictures are shot at 1/16000 shutter speed.

sony rx10 II high speed balloon 3

This is some of the high speed photos I took and I will take more in the future. Remember this is one of the key features of the cameras and the camera itself is a beauty. It is a total package fixed lens mirrorless camera this is a perfect companion for traveling or daily use.

sony rx10 II high speed balloon 1

For info on the camera, read http://www.sony.com.my/product/dsc-rx10m2

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