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Golden Waterfall at Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park

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Golden Waterfall at Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park

Jiufen is a popular tourist attraction in Taiwan. Due to its close distance to Taipei, many tourists will visit Jiufen on a day trip as it takes less than two hours to travel from Taipei to Jiufen by car.

jiufen old town tea house
The Jiufen Old Town.

The old town is the most popular places of interests with old houses and shops selling souvenirs and food and it offer one of the most breathtaking views of the mountains of Jiufen.

Near the old town is the Gold Ecological Park in Jinguashi. The area was a gold mining area for more than a century and it left many visible tunnels created by the Japanese during its occupation.

jiu fen golden waterfall wide shot

The Golden Waterfall is located near the Gold Ecological Park near the Ying Yang Sea. Due to the regular rainfall in the area, it creates a beautiful waterfall with heavy metal elements water. The water radiates like gold when shined by the sunlight and that is why it is called the Golden Waterfall. It is not recommended to touch the water as it might be contaminated.

Due to its scenic view, this area is a popular photography destination for pre wedding photography.

jiu fen golden waterfall tight shot

jiu fen mountains wide shot

We didn’t spend much time as we were traveling with our son. It is best to stay overnight here so you can experience more of this place.

We booked a taxi from Taipei for a half day tour. The best way to come here is to hire a tour car or van with a guide. You can book a tour van/car for around 3500 NT per day.



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  1. Hi Wilson.
    Any English speaking driver cum guide you could recommend? None of us can speak Mandarin, org Melayu Malaysia hehe. I wish I could have learned Mandarin in university ?.
    We going to Taiwan next March.
    Thanks for sharing your Taiwan trip.

  2. Wow, I always wanted to go taiwan and explore great stuff there! Thank you for this wonderful read. How’s the weather there? When is the best time to go?

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