January 27, 2023

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Ishiyaki Ryori with Arakabu Fish at Oga Kanko Hotel

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Ishiyaki Ryori with Arakabu Fish at Oga Kanko Hotel

The best thing about Japanese cuisine is each the food in each and every prefecture is different. While traveling in Oga in Akita Prefecture, I had Ishiyaki Ryori with Arakabu Fish at Oga Kanko Hotel. This dish is also known as 石烧料理.

Ishiyaki Ryori is definitely different than all the Japanese food I’ve tasted. To cook Ishiyaki Ryori, you need a wooden pail, water, hot volcanic rocks, fish and vegetables.

First of all the fish is put into the hot water in the wooden pail. Then, hot volcanic rocks are put into the boiling water, cooking the fish and it offer the unique flavour from the rocks.  The foams will be removed, vegetables will be added and it is ready to eat.

The cooking process of Ishiyaki Ryori is impressive and the food didn’t disappoint us at all too.

Vegetables and miso paste is added for the taste

The soup is mild in taste and the fish is fresh and tasty. The food in Akita is usually mild in taste and they offer many unique vegetable dishes too in this part of Japan.

Even though this is a local dish but only a handful of restaurants can prepare this dish.

The fish is fresh and juicy while the soup comes with the miso taste with hints of the smoky after taste. Quite unique as this is the only time we tasted this despite traveling to Japan so many times.

Ishiyaki Ryori is available at Oga Kanko Hotel and please book in advance. This dinner is hosted by Oga Kanko Hotel. Book this hotel at http://www.agoda.com/oga-kanko-hotel

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This trip is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.

Oga Kanko Hotel Address:

Kusakihara-21 Kitaurayumoto, Oga, Akita Prefecture 010-0687, Japan

Phone: +81 185-33-2121

Website: http://www.agoda.com/oga-kanko-hotel

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