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Namahage Drum Performance in Oga Japan

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Namahage Drum Performance in Oga Japan

When it comes to traveling, it is all about experience. That’s why each travel experience is unique. On my recent trip to Japan, I travelled to Oga, a coastal town in the Akita prefecture. I stayed there for one night, tried the local food in yukata (Japanese attire) and watched the Namahage Drum Performance.

Namahage are gods of Akita. They are the myths and legends of this prefecture. Once a year, the Namahage gods will enter houses to try to kidnap the children and it is either the parents or the grandparents duties to save them. This is to show how brave the parents and grandparents are to protect them from the Namahage gods.

namahage drum performance event hall

At Oga, the Namahage Drum Performance is one of the places of interest you must visit in the town. The drum performance held at  男鹿温泉交流会館五風 (Oga Onsen Community Hall) during selected evenings.

namahage drum trio stop

The hall was packed as I sit quietly at the back with my friends. As soon as the drummers hitting the drums, it overwhelmed the crowd.

namahage drum solo

namahage drum group

The quiet town of Oga definitely awakened by the drum performance. The drum performance is full of energy and power.

There are five drummers and one of them is a female drummer but she never lacked the power and energy. The performance thrilled everyone in the hall.

namahage group drum

namahage drum trio

You don’t get to see drummers in Namahage masks hitting the drums with so much energy. They definitely committed to wow the crowd.

namahage drum performers after show
The drummers after the show.

This is one of the experiences that is memorable and yet rich in culture. That’s why I always travel to unique destinations as it always surprises me. This is only one of the places of interests in Akita, Japan.

namahage drum performers oga with malaysia media
A group picture with the performers.

For more information to visit Akita Japan, visit Wendy Tour Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/wendytour.to.nippon or visit their website at http://www.wendytour.com.my/.

This trip is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.


Namahage Drum Performance in Oga Address:



〒010-0687 Akita-ken, Oga-shi, Kitaurayumoto, Kusakihara

GPS: 39.973556, 139.742397

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