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Top 12 Things to do in Kangaroo Island

Imagine an island of zoo without fences where wildlife roams freely without boundaries. This is Kangaroo Island. It is the third largest island in Australia and it is located in South Australia near Adelaide.

The island is larger than Singapore but there are only a few thousand residents on the island. Many tourists will visit Kangaroo Island for a day trip but it is highly recommended to stay at least one night on the island.

If you need reasons to stay on the island, here are 12 reasons for you to do so. The island is also playground for photographers with many scenic spots.

The best way to travel around Kangaroo Island is to self drive or hire a local travel agent.

Check out our Top 12 Things to do in Kangaroo Island.

1. Admirals Arch and New Zealand Fur Seals

Admirals Arch is one of the most impressive and unusual natural landmarks in Australia. This iconic rock bridge took thousands of years of erosion to create and this is located near the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse on the island’s southwest coast in Flinders Chase National Park.

The boardwalk leading to the Admiral Arch offers a breath taking view of the national park.

The arch is created by weathering and erosion sculpting that takes thousands of years. The stalactites of the Remarkable Rocks took thousands of years to form to its present state. The viewing platform is built for tourists to have the best view of the Admirals Arch.

There are residents in Admirals Arch and they are the colony of New Zealand fur-seals. You can spot them on the rock platforms or swimming around the viewing platforms and boardwalk. The young ones usually play on top of the rocks.

Expect to spend at least an hour to explore and enjoy the view here. It is very windy here and you need to walk around 15 minutes on the wooden platform.

The Admirals Arch is located near the Remarkable Rocks which is located also located in Flinders Chase National Park.

2. The Remarkable Rocks

The Remarkable Rocks is a group of rocks formations located in the Flinders Chase National Park. It is near the Admirals Arch and the Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse.

The Remarkable Rocks is the work of nature. After 500 million years of erosive wind, sea spray and rain, the product is this Remarkable Rocks. The after effect of the work of nature also creates this beautiful orange colour on the rocks. You get to see many different rock formations and shapes and it is up to you to decide what it looks like.

This is a scenic spot in Kangaroo Island and some photographers will stay here till late to shoot the Remarkable Rocks with the sunset and the Milky Way.

3. Kenny Hill Conservation Park

Kenny Hill Conservation Park is one of the hidden gems of Kangaroo Island. This is the zoo without fences. The conservation park is filled with wildlife and you can get close and personal with them.

However, there are rules to follow. You can only observe and not interact. The reason for this is not to interrupt their habits in their habitats.

You can find Kangaroos, Wallabies or Wombats depending on your luck.

Expect to spend a few hours venturing the conservation park. To enter the Kenny Hill Conservation Park, it is high recommended to hire a local tour guide so he or she can explain more on this park.

4. Andermel Marron Farm

Marron is a distance family of crayfish and in Malaysia we often mistook it as mini lobster. It looks similar to a mini lobster also with two claws but it is called the marron.

Marron farming is popular in Kangaroo Island and it is highly recommended to visit one of the Marron farms on the island.

You can visit Andermel Marron Farm and you can taste it right away at the Marron Café. You can taste the Marron in many types of cooking in Marron Café. It is recommended you have your Marron lunch here.

Andermel Marron Farm and Marron Address, Map and Contact:

804 Harriet Rd Kangaroo Island SA 5223, Australia
Tel: +61 8 8559 4128

Website: http://www.andermel.com.au/

5. Quad Riding (ATQ) at Vivonne Bay

The Quad Riding or ATQ (All Terrain Vehicle) riding in Kangaroo Island is a must. At Vivionne Bay Kangaroo Island, you get to jump on the Quad Bikes or ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) to experience the beautiful nature of the most conserved island in Australia.

The beauty of quad riding at Vivonne Bay is you get to ride on the natural landscape of the bay. The natural trail is long and you can get to speed in this area.

Thus, you get to see wildlife in their natural habitats but we are not allowed to interact or chase them on our bikes. Remember, we can observe but not interact.

We rented our quad bikes at Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action as they are experienced, professional and the ride is very safe and yet exciting.

This is not the usual ATQ rides you experience before!

Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action Address and Contact:

Jetty Road

Vivonne Bay, SA

Tel: + 61 8 8559 4296


6. Clifford’s Honey Farm

Clifford’s Honey Farm is one of the many honey producers in Kangaroo Island. The owners Dave and Jenny Clifford have been bee keepers since 1973 with the Honey Farm Shop established in 1993.

The uniqueness of the honey in Kangaroo Island is it is produced by the last remaining pure strain of Ligurian Bee in the world. The Ligurian Bees are originated from Italy and they were brought in the 18th century and they remained in Kangaroo Island since then.

You can find honey products as well as their famous honey ice cream in their Honey Farm Shop. They a good variety of honeys and it can be easily brought back as souvenir.

Clifford’s Honey Farm Address:

1157 Elsegood Rd, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia

Phone:+61 8 8553 8295

Website: http://www.cliffordshoney.com.au/

7. Island Pure Sheep Dairy Farm

There are many cow dairy farms in Australia but sheep dairy is uncommon. On Kangaroo Island, there is one sheep fair farm you should visit and it is the Island Pure Sheep Dairy.

Island Pure Sheep Dairy is South Australia’s first sheep dairy and cheese factory. They are located at Cygnet River with 260 hectares of grazing property.

You can find fresh sheep dairy products such as milk, yogurts and cheeses. You can find a huge variety of cheeses here. One of the popular cheeses here is the Haloumi Cheese. The Haloumi Cheese can be pan fried, BBQ and grilled.

Thus, there are also farm tours where you can see how they milk the sheep as well as some introduction of the dairy farm. The Island Pure Sheep Dairy Farm is only 10 minutes of driving away from Kingscote.

Island Pure Sheep Dairy Farm Address and Contact:

127 Gum Creek Rd, Cygnet River SA 5223, Australia

Tel: +61 8 8553 9110

Website: http://islandpure.com.au/

8. Kangaroo Island Wines at KI Spirits Cellar Door

Like other regions of Australia, Kangaroo Island also produces its own wines. Kangaroo Island Spirits Cellar Door is one of the places for wine tasting, bottle sales and light refreshments.

The Bay of Shoals range of wines is the award winning wines produced in Kangaroo Island. You can taste and purchased it back. It is cheaper to buy here and you might not able to purchase it in Adelaide International Airport.

Your trip to Kangaroo Island is incomplete without a glass of wine.

KI Spirits Cellar Door Address:

856 Playford Hwy, Cygnet River SA 5223, Australia

Phone:+61 408 818 012

Website: http://www.kispirits.com.au/

9. Emu Bay Beach

There are many beaches in Kangaroo Island and one of the popular swimming beaches is the Emu Bay. Emu is located on the north coast of Kangaroo Island and about 18 kilomeres west of Kingscote.

The beauty of Emu Bay is you can drive into the beach area. The bay is huge and it is blessed with white sandy beach.

The waves here are moderate so it is good for swimming and ideal place for sun tanning. If you want to complete your island holiday with white sandy beach, you should enjoy and relax at Emu Bay.

10. Kingscote Tidal Swimming Pool

Most of the tourists stay in Kingscote as it is convenient with restaurants and shops. There are no beaches nearby except Emu Bay which is 18km away.

Near the town lies the Kingscote Tidal Swimming Pool. It is a public pool with 50m x 50m of swimming area. The cool thing about this pool is it is a public tidal swimming pool as there are not many of these in Australia.

11. Seal Bay Conservation Park

At Seal Bay Conservation Park, the island’s most popular attraction, you can join a guided tour to see the endangered Australian Sea-lions in their natural environment of coastal vegetation, dunes and beach.

Wander along the 800-metre boardwalk which meanders through the limestone cliffs and dunes to viewing platforms where you can observe the sea-lions surfing the waves or sunning themselves on the beach as you enjoy the stunning coastal scenery.

There will be a ranger from the Seal Bay Conservation Park to bring the visitors for the tour. They will make sure that you keep a distance away from the seals. Thus, this is the closest you can get to see the seals.

Kangaroo Island Seal Bay Conservation Park Contact:

Seal Bay SA 5223  Australia
+61 8 8553 4460

Website: http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/sealbay/home

12. Kingscote Pelican Feeding

One of the highlights of Kangaroo Island is the pelican feeding session at Kingscote Pier. The Kingscote Pier is located near the small Fishermen’s Jetty behind the Kangaroo Island Marine Centre.

It is a popular activity popularised by John The Pelican Man who gave informative talk about the birds before feeding them daily at 5 pm.

He has been feeding the birds for more than 15 years. The pelicans will wait for him everyday without a day off.

The show is free but you can always offer a token of appreciation at the end of the show. The token of appreciation is used to purchase the feed for the pelicans.

Kingscote Pelican Feeding Location:

Kingscote Wharf

Opening Hours: Aquarium and Penguin Tour Daily at 7pm for 7.30pm tour in winter, 8pm for 8.30pm tour in summer

Pelican feeding – daily at 5pm

Telephone: (08) 8553 3112

The best way to fly to Adelaide from Malaysia is to fly direct to Adelaide from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines.

For more info, visit http://my.southaustralia.com

This is a sponsored post by Tourism of South Australia.

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