January 29, 2023

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Ngam Thai Restaurant Bangsar

Where to have a quick fix on your Thai food craving in Bangsar? The answer is simple, Ngam (Thai Restaurant). The restaurant is located at Lot 61, Jalan Maarof (beside the bridge from Mid Valley to Bangsar).

It is hard to miss the huge red signage reading “Ngam Tom Yum Noodles”. There is nothing fancy about the design and ambience of this restaurant. Inside the restaurant, there are wooden tables and chairs with clean cement flooring. It is a simple setup, clean with attentive staffs.

A quick look at the menu and most of their food is priced at RM 10 and above and drinks are below RM 10.

We ordered the Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Green Tea and Vitamilk Soya Bean. If you are craving for the Thai Iced Milk Tea, you can have it here and the taste is the same. The size of the iced tea is generous and it is way cheaper than Starbucks.

For starters, we have Crispy Wonton and Fish Cake. Their crispy fried wonton is freshly made and not pre fried so it takes some time for them to cook. For their fish cake it is not that spicy and both go well with the sweet Thai chili sauce.

Thai Basil with Minced Chicken and Fried Egg.


This comes with generous portion of minced chicken. The minced meat is stir fried to perfection, it is not spicy and it is fragrant with the scent of the basil. This goes very well with the rice and fried egg is bonus. If you are not a chicken lover, they have it with minced beef.


Tomyum Noodle (Creamy) Superbowl

This is the signature of Ngam, the Tomyum Noodle Superbowl size. It is priced at RM 98 and it is good for 3-4 pax. This gigantic superbowl comes with 4 pieces of mussels, 4 pieces of egg, fish balls, fish rolls, squid, salmon, a huge prawn.with noodles. Their version of tomyum is the thick and creamy version of tomyum. The other version is the clear version of tomyum but we love this. The tomyum is savoury, full of taste and it goes very well with the noodle. This is worth our trip to visit Ngam and this Tomyum is absolutely gorgeous and delightful. We will come back again for sure.

There are smaller version of regular at RM 13 and bigbowl at RM 18.

For desserts, they have a few selections of Thai desserts.

Thai Steamed Coconut Pandan Pudding (left)

Their version of steamed coconut Pandan pudding rich in flavours especially the taste from the coconut and Pandan.

Steamed Bread with Thai Bread Sang Kaya (right)

The last time we had this was in Phuket. Ngam’s version of Sang Kaya is without condensed milk or sugar unlike certain parts of Thailand. Eat this while it is hot with their soft bread.


Look Choop (Colourful Fruit Shaped Miniature Dessert)

You can find look choop in small markets or food stalls in Thailand. This little desserts are created using mung beans, coconut milk and of course artificial colouring. The taste of look choop is sweet and it comes with soft texture. This miniature food required good skills and it is time consuming to create. Thus, this is bite size desserts are very addictive.


Red Ruby 

The popular cold Thai dessert, Red Ruby comes with generous amount of red ruby served icy cold and topped with slices of jackfruit. This is absolutely addictive!

Overall, we were impressed by Ngam especially with their Tomyum. It is hard to believe there is such hidden gem in Bangsar. We love the authenticity of the Thai food in Ngam and definitely come back for more.

They are open from 12 pm to 9 pm every day except Tuesday.


Closed on Tuesdays

Ngam Thai Restaurant Bangsar Address, Contact and GPS:

Lot 61, Jalan Maarof, Malaysia
Tel: +60 18-245 8297

GPS: 3.125621, 101.677172

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  1. been hearing alot good reviews about this place but i myself have yet visit this place! soon maybe!!

  2. Price range a little up scale, but boy they look good. looks like its worth what i’ll be paying for

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