October 2, 2023


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Apple Dorm Hong Kong: Cheap and Long Stay in Hong Kong

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Apple Dorm Hong Kong: Cheap and Long Stay in Hong Kong 

If you are planning to stay in Hong Kong cheap or want to do a month long rental, we have something very interesting to offer. On our recent trip to Hong Kong, we were invited to review some of the budget and long term stay dorms and hotels in Hong Kong.

apple dorm sai wan entrance

One of the places we visited is the Apple Dorm in Sai Wan. It is located at 129, 133 Connaught Road West, Sai Wan HK & Eastern Street Sai Wan HK and it is only 3 mins walk from Sau Ying Pun MTR Station.

For Apple Dorm Sai Wan, it is located above SOLO Mall Sai Wan. Since it is near Sau Ying Pun MTR Station, the location is convenient and it is opposite the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park.

apple dorm sai wan entrance staircase

For starter, The Apple Dorm is a dorm so if you stay in a dorm before you know it is usually sharing or smaller than hotel and most important of all, it is for budget. The same rules apply to Apple Dorm too.

apple dorm sai wan corridor

What are the benefits of staying in Apple Dorm?


24 hour Hot Water

Housekeeping every week

Common Area at Roof Top

apple dorm sai wan room
This is one of the rooms in Apple Dorm Sai Wan.


apple dorm sai wan microwave

Since it is a dorm, the size of the room is relatively small. You only stay in the room at night and most of the time, you should be out or you can hang out at the roof top common area.

apple dorm sai wan rooftop with laundry

The roof top comes with one of the best views on the island. You can do laundry on the roof top too as there are washing machines and drying area.

hong kong ifc evening
The view from the rooftop, breathtaking sunset view of IFC building.

The long term rental for the dorm is HKD$ 3000 per month (on average) and these rooms are usually preferred for long term contract than daily rental.

For info on rental charges and availability, please log on to www.appledorm.com. Thus, there is another Apple Dorm in Sham Shui Po too (address as below)


Apple Dorm Sai Wan Address:

129, 133 Connaught Road West, Sai Wan HK &

Eastern Street Sai Wan HK

(3 mins walk from Sau Ying Pun Station)


Apple Dorm Sham Shui Po address:

56J&K Yen Chow Street Sham Shui Po Kowloon &

1/F, Hing Lung Building, 385 – 391 Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po KLN

(5 mins walk from Sham Shui Po Station)


Website: www.appledorm.com



0 thoughts on “Apple Dorm Hong Kong: Cheap and Long Stay in Hong Kong

  1. i think it is considered affordable to rent there for a month or so, considering the cost of accommodation there is usually quite pricey. do they open for shorter term rental as well?

  2. a bit tight for me though, but hey, its hong kong! the last time i was there, got my hotel through airasiago. pretty decent, and very near to the city centre.

  3. Scenery looks good from the rooftop. Must be beautiful at night, with lights and all. For my budget trips, I usually just stay at hostels coz I’m mostly out the whole day so this is a good tip for me, if I ever go to HK

  4. Oh my gosh, So the bed is on top of the room? Wah. I think I will always fear if I roll down from my sleep if I stay there. But the view from the rooftop surely is magnificent 😀

  5. the room is quite small, but looking comfortable and clean. and I like the view there!!! the roof top is spacious and it has something that I like. Free and Wild, haahah


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