March 23, 2023

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Dragon Centre Sham Shui Po Hong Kong: Eat, Play and Shop!

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Dragon Centre Sham Shui Po Hong Kong: Eat, Play and Shop!

When it comes to traveling in Hong Kong, we often travel around Kowloon and Central area. On our recent trip to Hong Kong, we explore unknown territories for us in places such as Sham Shui Po and Stanley.Sham Shui Po is next to Prince Edward and it is a haven for bargain hunter. Ap Liu Street is one of the bargain hunter havens but you want to shop for more, we recommend the Dragon Centre Shopping Mall.

This is the entrance of the Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po.

Only known to locals and unknown to tourist, the shopping mall has 9 levels of retails with total amounts of 840,000 square feet of retail space for shops, food outlets and entertainment facilities. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong and expect to spend hours to eat, play and shop

Directory of Dragon Centre.

1.Eat – Dragon Centre Food Court

The Dragon Centre Food Court is located on the 8th floor. There are elevators or lifts and you can easily spot the food court once you are on the 8th floor.

Food haven at Dragon Centre Food Court.

Why food court? There are dozens of food stalls to cater your need. The food stalls offer different cuisine from places like Taiwan, Shanghai, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India and many more.

The food court is often packed with locals as they know this is the place you can find good food with affordable prices.

Set meal in less than HK$ 50-60 on average in food court.

The food prices starts from HK$10 to HK$ 60 in average and trust me, you can find many types of set meals below HK$60!

Seafood and pork noodle.
Taiwanese snack with fried cuttlefish and milk tea!

We tried the seafood noodle, rice claypot with pork sausages as well as Taiwanese snacks.


What to play in Dragon Centre? There are two places you can go all out.

Sky Fantasia on 9/F 

Sky Fantasia is an entertainment outlet for family and they are located on the highest floor, 9th floor.

Time to enjoy ourselves here at Fantasia Machines

You can find many entertainment machines such as basketball machines, doll picking machines, coin games machines and many more.

Thus, there are also other exciting games like Happy Rainbow, Air Hockey, Pirate Boat and others.

Group picture with Malaysia bloggers and friends.

On the arcade side, on kids below aged 16 are allowed to enter. You can play games with your children or with your friends. Thus, this is the place you can let your children play their hearts out while you take a rest.

Sky Rink Ice Skating Rink

The Sky Rink is Dragon Centre’s ice skating rink and it is located on the 8th floor. The ice skating rink covers 17,000 square feet. It is one of the few ice skating rinks in Hong Kong and the admission is cheap. It is just around HK$55 – HK$ 65 per day! For the small amount of admission, you can skate for the whole day.

Ice Hockey in Sky Rink.

This is definitely one of the highlights of Dragon Centre Shopping Mall. When we went there, we saw two groups of children playing ice hockey. They are so cute with the full uniform.


Baleno in Dragon Centre. They were having seasonal sales for winter clothing.
There are many small shops like this offering different types of items and goods. Thus, there are plenty to shop with reasonable prices!

There are at least seven levels of shopping retails and you can shop till you drop. This shopping mall reminds us of Sungei Wang Plaza of Kuala Lumpur on its glory days. The mall play host for hundreds of small retail outlets and you will be spoilt for choices. You can find familiar names like most major sports brands as well as fashion brands such as Giordano, Baleno, Bossini and many more.

D3 Gallery 

D3 Gallery is located on the 7th floor and it is opened in August 2010.

What is D3? 

D3 means Dream, Designer and Dragon Centre. The most important of all, this is a place for the art and design enthusiasts to pursue taste, uniqueness and creativity. It also provides a platform to the local young designers to work out their dreams and build their own brand business.

There are hundreds of retail shops and one in particular is Baking Jane (Apple Mall, Shop 7027A). 

Jane’s shop offering many cute baking accessories easy to bring back home.

They are selling different baking utensils and ingredients including butter, baking materials and many others. Since their items are small, they can easily bought back to your home country. You can check out their Facebook at

Top view of Dragon Centre, we told you the mall is huge right?

Dragon Centre is a huge shopping mall in Sham Shui Po, within walking distance from the Shum Shui Po MTR Station as well as Ap Liu Street. You can eat, play and shop in the mall from day till night. Like we mentioned, the mall reminds us of Sungei Wang Plaza of Malaysia and the food court offers cheap and good food but it is often packed.

Dragon Centre Mall Sham Shui Po Address:

37K Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po HK

GPS: 22.331082, 114.159731



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  1. oh my gosh if i bring my kids here, cannot leave. there’s really a lot of food and play, and the lift numbers, so many pics on that too. what a fun place to go.

  2. I always get to envious of travel photos when I am stuck at home.. looks like fun. I’m going to start planning my next holiday now

  3. This brings back so many memories of HK. The way they cramp everything in a room is no joke. Even looking at your food court picture, I can feel myself bumping into everyone there. lol.

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