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Eight Good Reasons to Own Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

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Eight Good Reasons to Own Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

When it comes to gadgets, there are hundreds of them out there. For a tablet, there are dozens of brands in the market but for the best it could be only one, The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

s2 multi screen

It is never hard to rate it as the best. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has become part of our life.

1.Super AMOLED Screen

s2 working tab

With the Super AMOLED screen, I get accurate colours on the photos I took during my travel assignments. Thus, creating new content is never been easier. The quality and the colours of the screen is top notch.


galaxy tab s2 window split

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 also comes with Multitasking feature which allows users to view and run two apps simultaneously with Pop-Up Window. It definitely makes life easier for me to blog while researching certain topic on Google.


galaxy tab s2 side sync

The Side Sync features also allow me to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 via WIFI on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 while the phone is charging. This is an innovative way to use my smartphone even on charging.


galaxy tab s2 zen

The Learning, the Galaxy Tab S2 is also a vital tool for me to teach our son, Zen Hao. He has been playing, learning and exploring Children App to learn more on language and words.


s2 iflix

For Leisure, we have been watching Movies via iFlix App which included with one year free subscription. It is the Asia version of Netflix and it comes with many movies, TV shows and cartoons. I can now watch my favourite TV Shows now with no ads everywhere I want!


s2 painting

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has become part of my work. I bring it around whenever I go even for food reviews. With the Super AMOLED screen, it delivers accurate colours and it is vital especially under low light conditions. Thus, the Samsung  Galaxy Tab S2 offers mobility as well as practicality for office usage as it fully equipped and preloaded with Microsoft Office Solutions. Compact and light, it replaces the duty of my laptop for sure.


s2 flower frame

I can work where ever I want now as it is light and easier to carry. Office is now in my hands as The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offers mobility and Multitasking feature. I can now read my blog and Instagram at the same time! This is a life saver when I try to view two applications at once.


s2 family

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has become the learning tool for my son, Zen Hao. It is important for him to learn new words as well as problem solving skills with learning apps. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is now an essential best friend for my family.

s2 bookshelf
Can you spot the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2?

After eight good reasons to own Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 should we need to say more?

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