February 2, 2023

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Over 20 Lamborghini Spotted in Chiang Rai

Whenever someone spotted a Lamborghini on the road, they will snap a picture of it. What happen when there are over 20 Lamborghinis appeared at the same time. Yesterday, a couple of millionaires decided to bring their Lamborghinis to Chiang Rai for a stroll. We counted and there are over 20 Lamborghinis. The Lamborghinis are supported with one Porshe and two Volkswagen support vans.

Everyone on the road was surprised by the appearance of so many Lamborghinis and start snapping pictures of them.

They were on the way to Doi Tung as we saw them going up the hill as we were going back to city after visiting the The Mae Fah Luang Garden. It was definitely a sight as a parade of Lamborghinis stroll the streets of Chiang Rai.  We know this is not related to our travel schedule but such experience is too good not to share. Now, have you seen over 20 Lamborghinis on the road before?

*Most of the pictures are sourced from tour guide Tony

2 thoughts on “Over 20 Lamborghini Spotted in Chiang Rai

  1. during this coming Feb 2016 chinese new year holidays,my family is planning a trip to drive from Johor Bahru to cheng rai mei san and golden triangle, any one can help and give a good tips for… food,hotel,sigh-seeing sports,road conditions, thank you and warn regards.

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