January 31, 2023

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Central World Christmas Decorations 2015

Planning to visit Bangkok for Christmas and New Year? Well, it is the time of the year where Central World Bangkok transformed into a Christmas wonderland and also play host to beer parties such as Heineken Space.

At this time of the year, the weather in Bangkok is cooling and it is one of the top destinations to spend your Christmas or New Year celebrations. Not just you get the cooling breeze but there are sales in shopping malls as well as beautiful decorations and parties.

Central World is one of the shopping malls in Bangkok you should visit. For years, the mall offer beautiful Christmas decorations as well as playing host to beer parties such as Heineken Space.

This year, the Central World’s Christmas Decorations are already up. It is Disney Christmas Theme.  Thanks to our friend KC Ang from Brunei, we have these pictures of Central World’s Christmas Decorations. Hence, there are Disney characters not in our pictures as we don’t really want to spoil it by showing everything.

If you have no travel plans for Christmas or New Year, Bangkok is one of our recommended cities to spend your holiday. It is never too late to plan for your year’s end holiday and remember to get the best hotel rates with Agoda.com.

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