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Prada Outlet Hong Kong

It has a norm for me to visit Prada Outlet every time I visit Hong Kong. Since I visited the outlet in 2013, this is my second time visited the Prada Outlet in Ap Lei Chau.

prada outlet hong kong

Many mistaken the outlet in CityGate Outlets but it is not. Instead, it is located in one of the most unlikely places in Hong Kong, Ap Lei Chau. Thus, the outlet is located just beside the Marina Square East Market which is a local wet market.

prada outlet hong kong marina square east pmarket

Is it worth to visit this Prada Outlet?

Prada Outlet is a clearance store for out of season Prada fashion clothing, handbags and wallets. In this outlet, they carry out of season Miu Miu brand also. The items you find in Prada Outlet are discounted items and they are averaging 20-40% cheaper than the usual Prada retail outlets depending on design and stock.

prada outlet hong kong ap lei chau

I did a comparison of some of the Prada items in Hong Kong and Bicester Village in UK, the prices of the both outlets are similar. This is before the weakening of Thai Baht Malaysia Ringgit this year.

prada outlet hong kong women fashion jacket and clothing

prada outlet hong kong wallets and handbags

The Prada Outlet in Hong Kong is usually quiet during weekdays and busy during weekends. The decline of China tourists visiting Hong Kong is affecting brand outlets like Prada Outlet too. Most of the customers are now Southeast Asian Tourists including Malaysians, Thais and Singaporeans.

prada outlet hong kong leather wallets

The outlet is quiet and I always enjoy shopping here. Most of the sales assistants here are courteous, friendly and helpful. Thus, I had a good conversation with them and one of sales assistants was very helpful in choosing the best deal for us.

prada outlet hong kong men section

The prices of the bags have increased maybe due to the exchange rates of Euros. The female handbags are from HKD 5000 and long leather wallets are from HKD 3800.

prada outlet hong kong ap lei chau leather wallets

You still can find final clearance stock with additional discounts on special deals section. Hence, most of them are final piece.

prada outlet hong kong brown handbag special deal

There are Prada bags, wallets, shoes, belts, accessories and clothing for male and female. You can take your time here checking out the deals. The sales assistants will assist you. They accept cash and credit card.

prada outlet hong kong miu miu bags
Some of the Miu Miu items.


How to go to Prada Outlet Hong Kong

This is the official outlet store for Prada in Hong Kong and it is in a residential area in Ap Lei Chau Estate. There is one MTR station in construction but at the moment, the best way to reach there is either bus or by taxi.

prada outlet hong kong ap lei chau MTR
MTR construction in front of Prada Outlet.

By Taxi:

If you are planning to take a taxi to the outlet, it is cheaper for you to take the taxi from Central MTR then from Kowloon. From Kowloon, the taxi ride will cost you around HK180-200++ while taxi ride from Central MTR station is around HKD 100++. The address is at 2/F Marina Square (East Wing), South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong.

By Bus:

City Bus 590 Central (Exchange Square) to Ap Lei Chau Bus Terminal

City Bus 590A Admiralty Bus Station to Ap Lei Chau Bus Terminal

City Bus 592 Causeway Bay to Ap Lei Chau Bus Terminal


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Prada Outlet Hong Kong Address, Contact and Tel:

2/F Marina Square (East Wing), South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong.

Tel: 2814 9576

Opening Hours:

10:00-1800 Tue-Sat

12:00-1800 Sunday & Public Holidays

Closed Mondays




0 thoughts on “Prada Outlet Hong Kong

  1. Carrying a branded handbag may exude class but carrying an out of season handbag is another. Those who know the brand(s) well will know at a glace that we are not carrying the latest design.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Carrying a branded handbag is about the brand and not so much about the latest design. In fact, not all new designs are the popular ones.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Not so much fan of prada, but miu miu! Well, for luxury items to be able to get any amount of discount is already considered a huge bargain as clearance sales in Malaysia most items would have been badly degraded judging by how they handle things. In this outlet it still looks good as new despite them being seasoned goods lol.

  3. Can’t afford these gorgeous stuff… I only go for high streets… LOL though it is good to know for Prada fans…..(though I think they say the Devil that wears Prada…. LOL, jangan marah!!)

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