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Michelin Guide Macau Street Food List

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Michelin Guide Macau Street Food List For the first time, Michelin Guide are listing street food in the latest edition. The latest Michelin Guide of Hong Kong & Macau are listing 23 street outlets in both countries. There are 12 street outlets in Macau is listed in this latest Michelin Guide. Some of them are popular food while some of them are hidden gems. macau michelin macau food list large

According to the South China Morning post, the 12 street outlets are:

Michelin Guide Macau Food Outlets


129 Rua dos Mercadores, Macau

2.Chong Shing

11 Rua de Tome Pires, Macau

3.Dai Gwan

1 Rua do Monte, Macau

4.Fong Kei

Fong Kei is one of the famous pastries in Macau. They are located in Rua do Cunha and there are very popular with locals and tourists. Some of the must have food is their almond cookies and other homemade cookies.

macau michelin fong kei

14 Rua do Cunha, Taipa

5.Lei Ka Choi

Shop E-G028 Broadway Macau, Cotai

6.Lemon Cello

Trav. Se 11r/c, Macau

7.Lord Stow’s Bakery

The creator of Macau famous Portuguese Egg Tarts. This original shop is located in Coloane and thousands of egg tarts are sold every day in Macau. If you have not try Lord Stow’s egg tart, you don’t consider yourself visited Macau.

macau michelin lord stow egg tarts

1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane

8.Mok Yee Kei

Mok Yee Kei is popular for their desserts. They are located in Rua do Cunha and they are very popular with tourists. You can find long queues in front of this outlet for their famous desserts especially for their durian “musang king” ice cream and serradura.

macau michelin mok yi kei

9 Rua do Cunha, Taipa  

9.Neng Meng Wang

Lai Hou Garden, Rua Coelho do Amaral, Macau  

10.Sun Ying Kei

2B Rua da Alegria do Patane, Macau  

11.Wing Kei

Wing Kei or better known as Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao is a bean curd specialty shop. They are famous for their “tau fu far” (beancurd dessert). They are located 15 minutes away from Ruins of St Paul.

macau michelin wing kei

47 Rua da Tercena, Macau  

12.Yi Shun

Yi Shun or Yee Shun is another popular dessert shop in Macau. Located near Senado Square, they offer the best milk pudding in the country. Even though there are Yi Shun in Hong Kong, the desserts in Yi Shun Macau taste better.

 macau michelin yee shun

60 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau

With this new list, there will be a new purpose in traveling in Macau. You can actually find them all as all of them are street food and affordable. This will be our wishlist on our next trip to Macau.

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The list is sourced from http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/food-drink/article/1875635/all-new-michelin-guide-street-food-hong-kong-and-macau






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  1. Wow you have visit a lot of nice place in Macau especially in the food part. i find it hard for me to look for food as I did not know how to read chinese. So I just go in and see what nice food in Macau

  2. Oh my!! I wish I’d this list when I was at Macau back at July 2015. Oh well, another reason to go back exploring Macau? I love their portuguese egg tart!! *YUMS*

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