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Where is 十月初五 5th of October Street?

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Where is 十月初五 5th of October Street?

Remember the Hong Kong TVB series 十月初五的月光 (5th of October Street) in 2000? There will be a film by the same title premiering this 12th November 2015. The original casts are back including Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh and Nancy Sit. The film, 十月初五 or Return of the Cuckoo will continue the story where the drama left off and after 15 years later and there are many Chi Lam fans waiting for this sequel.


Never heard about the story? Don’t worry and watch the trailer.

十月初五 or 5th of October Street is actually a street name in Macau. The actual name is Rua De Cinco De Outurbo.  In fact both the TVB series and the film are filmed in the exact location in Macau. You might be wondering why you never visited this street before but don’t worry with great deals from and, you can always revisit Macau.

macau 5th october street road sign

Most road or street names in Macau are in Portuguese and Chinese. The meaning of the street or road names could be from popular figures or historical events. For 十月初五 5th of October Street is named after the 5th October 1910 revolution (fall of monarchy) in Portugal.

What is in  十月初五 5th of October Street?

It is a long and winding road in between Senado Square and Ponte 16.  You can see from the map, highlighted in blue.

macau 5th october street map

You can find the street from Ponte 16 while walking towards Senado Square or the other way around. Thus, this is one of the hidden walking tours in Macau. If you are interested in other walking tours in Macau, you can always visit

macau 5th october street view

If you are into street photography, this is the place you should visit. You can find the old street of Macau unlike the concrete jungle of Cotai Strip. There are many old buildings you can find here especially the old shops.

macau 5th october street night view

The view of the street changes from day to evening. At night, even though most of the shops are closed, you can’t deny the beauty of the colourful neon lights. If you are looking for night street photography, this is one of the places you should bookmark.

macau 5th october street lou lan islam halal restaurant

We didn’t venture the whole street but we found many interesting shops and restaurant including this HALAL certified restaurant Lou Lan Islam Restaurant.

If you are looking for budget hotels, you can find plenty here without breaking a bank. Depending on season, you can get rooms as low as RM 200 at

macau 5th october street pawn shop

Remember to visit some of the hidden gem such as the Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business .If you are into history and culture, this is the place you should visit.

Just 10 minutes from here, you will reach Senado Square and you can visit the Ruins of St Paul and also other attractions.

macau 5th october street old chinese traditional medicine shop

You can also remake the scenes from the movie十月初五的月光 and pretend to be Chi Lam and Charmaine Sheh and take many romantic shots here and other spots in Macau.

Walking in Macau is fun and interesting as you will find many unique buildings, shops and restaurants. Thus, Macanese in general is friendly and helpful.

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