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McDonalds Black Snoopy Burger in Thailand

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McDonalds Black Snoopy Burger in Thailand

If there is another reason to visit McDonalds in Thailand, it should be their Black Snoopy Burger. For limited time only, you can taste McDonalds Black Snoopy Burger only in Thailand.

thai mcdonalds snoopy black burger set

For those who didn’t know, McDonalds in Thailand is NOT HALAL. They are one of the few McDonalds in the world that offers pork burger. Their Samurai Pork Burger is permanently on their menu for years. We tried it many times and they are simply delicious.

thai mcdonalds snoopy black burger

However, the Black Snoopy Burger is not a pork burger. It is a chicken burger, thick and crunchy as how it is shown on their poster.

How is the taste like? It is very similar to Malaysia McDonalds Spicy McDeluxe Chicken Burger and the soft black buns are probably charcoal buns. They soft and fluffy and it is hard to believe there are charcoal buns in McDonalds.

When is the McDonalds Black Snoopy Burger Promotion end?

thai mcD snoopy black burger promo

The McDonalds Black Snoopy Burger Promotion will end on 14 January 2016 so there is plenty of time to visit McDonalds in Thailand. The set includes fries and soft drink is for TB 139 only!

There are no Snoopy toys during this promotion but cute Snoopy fries box and burger wrapper.

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  1. OO! im so happy i read this. Im heading to Thailand next weekend, and now i know what to do while im there! 😀

  2. I saw this in Pattaya Walking Street…. but I was too full to try it… besides.. I think the Mc D is not pork free there…. so if I were to eat there it would have to be the Fillet o Fish….

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