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Brolly Menara Felda Review

A few weeks ago, we visited a very unique concept restaurant. It is called Brolly and it is located at Menara Felda (within the prime area of KLCC). It is just a stone throw away from KLCC (Petronas Twin Tower) and you can actually walk to there from Brolly.

brolly menara felda exterior

The concept of Brolly is unique as it is an umbrella restaurant houses nine restaurants under the same roof. There are Crab Factory, Ember & Ember BBQ, Raksaksa Mirai, Nove 9 Pizzeria, Moley’s Oyster Bar, My Wing Man, vari.EAT.y, Sweet Endings and Bang Bang Baller Bar.

brolly interior

One of the main reasons we visited the restaurant because it is opened by the same owner of Crab Factory in SS2, thus we wanted to taste their other restaurants menu.

brolly menara felda

You can view KLCC from the restaurant and that is how near the restaurant to the twin towers. There is one big red bus parked outside of the restaurant and that is their signature Bang Bang Baller Bar. If you want some awesome photographs, come at night and when the restaurant lit up, it is like a mini circus.


vari.EAT.y is a Silk Road inspired restaurant. The food in vari.EAT.y is for more snacks and nibbles and the it is heavily influenced with hearbs and spices. The food here taste similar to the food you can find in Silk Road so the taste might be unfamiliar to many.


brolly variety grilled skewers
vari.EAT.y Grilled Skewers

This is grilled skewers platter. From top left, Chicken Soft Bones, Okra (Ladies Fingers), Seafood Tofu (Beancurd), Eringii Mushroom, Chicken Glizzard and Spring Onion. The food here is heavily influenced by herbs and spices so they are flavourful. These herbs and spices can be easily found in North East China which is populated with mostly Muslims.



brolly variety calamari tentacles
Calamari Tentacles.

Our favourite, calamari tentacles. This is deep fried to perfection, crunchy on their outside and addictive as always.

brolly variety prawn popcorn
Prawn Popcorn.

You heard of chicken popcorn but this is prawn popcorn. These are delicious bite size deep fried battered prawns.

brolly variety onion flower with brown sauce
Onion Flower with Brown Sauce.

This is one of the most beautiful dishes created using onion. It looks like a flower, the onion is deep fried to crunchiness and dipped it with their brown sauce. This is the answer to onion rings lovers.

Raksaksa Mirai

Raksaksa means “monster” in Malay while “Mirai” means future. This is the restaurant after too much of Ultraman during the owner’s childhood according to her. You can find contemporary Japanese cuisine at Raksaksa Mirai.




brolly raksaksa mirai signature tori garlic mayo
Signature tori garlic mayo

This is Raksaksa Mirai’s signature Tori Garlic Mayo. Tori means chicken and this is rice with chicken stir fried with garlic and mayonaise sauce. We paid extra for the signature rice. You can also have option of tobiko, garlic shallot, Spicy shijimi and mango rice.

brolly raksaksa mirai beef yakiniku omelette
Beef yakiniku omelette

This is their version of beef yakiniku with egg omelette and topped with traditional curry sauce. It looks like a Japanese version of “nasi Pattaya” with curry sauce and beef yakiniku. Something new you should try.

Ember & Ember BBQ

Ember and Ember BBQ is BBQ food with Asian and Western style. You find salad and variety of BBQ food such as chicken, beef and seafood.

brolly ember bara grilled caesar salad
Grilled caesar salad



brolly ember bara beef steak
Beef Steak

This is mouthwatering beef steak with mash potatoes. We always prefer to cook it in medium rare.


brolly ember bara spring chicken classic chamalla
Spring chicken classic chamalla

This is their spring chicken classic with chamalla. The chicken is grilled to perfection and it is well marinated and this is juicy. Remember to order this from Ember and Ember BBQ.

Nove 9 Pizzeria

How can Brolly complete without a pizza restaurant. Nove 9 Pizzeria aims to offer healthy lunch bites. The reason Nova 9 because they have 9 different flavours to offer.

brolly nove lambogarlic

Lambogarlic has nothing to do with Lamborghini but it simply lamb with garlic. This is minced lamb meat with lamb sauce and topped with garlic sauce. Have you tasted a lamb pizza before?

Moley’s Oyster Bar

Sometimes you have craving for fresh oyster but not sure where to go. Moley’s Oyster Bar is the solution. It is open all day long and you can find the freshest oysters in town here.

brolly mollys oyster bar fresh oyster
Fresh Oysters.
brolly mollys oyster bar cheesy baked
Cheesy baked.

Not everyone love fresh oysters so they offer Cheesy baked oysters.

My Wing Man

For chicken wings lovers, you will love this. My Wing Man only offers chicken wing and they are deep fried and coated with oatmeal with the choice of the sauces available.

brolly my wing man cencaluk fried chicken wings
Cencaluk fried chicken wings

We know not many people love “cencaluk” but if you love cencaluk, this is your game. Deep fried with hints of cencaluk, how many chicken wings can you have?

brolly my wing man sambal chicken
Sambal chikcen wing.

Deep fried chicken wing with sambal sauce? You can order this for the all day long.

Crab Factory

Crab Factory is a Louisiana influenced cuisine. We wrote about their first restaurant in SS2 and you can read all about their origin and why is it so different than other seafood cuisine you tasted in Malaysia. You have to get your hands dirty for Crab Factory.


brolly crab factory yabbies

Yabbies are not mini lobsters. They are one type of prawns from Australia with the claws. Crab Factory is one of the few restaurants in Malaysia that offer live yabbies. They only offer the freshest yabbies in their restaurants and that is why the price is on the high side. To be fair, we have compare the price of their yabbies here and in Australia and they are similiar! This is cooked with their zesty lemon sauce.

brolly crab factory prawns

This is prawns with their signature Southern Bang sauce.

brolly crab factory spanner crabs
Spanner Crab.

This is spanner crabs and they are seasonal. They are crabs and they taste like crabs. I know many are not familiar with spanner crabs but they are quite popular in some ASEAN countries.

This is a true story. At the time we enjoying this, there is an American from Louisiana and he saw what we ate and he said this is from Louisiana! Thus, he explained that he is from Louisiana and he was very surprised to see his hometown cuisine here in Malaysia. Hence, he promised to come back for the food. What a coincidence!

Sweet Endings

Sweet Endings is their dessert restaurant so you have a sweet and happy ending at Brolly. They offer unique fusion dessert and will melt your heart away.

brolly sweet ending chunky peanut
Chunky peanut butter granola.

Interesting chunky peanut butter granola. You get different texture of crunchy granola and soft vanilla ice cream. Something different than the usual desserts.

What we like about Brolly at Menara Felda?

We love the variety of food available in Brolly. The love the choices of food from Crab Factory, Ember & Ember BBQ, Raksaksa Mirai, Nove 9 Pizzeria, Moley’s Oyster Bar, My Wing Man, vari.EAT.y, Sweet Endings and Bang Bang Baller Bar. It is like a food court but with proper food and ambience. Most important of all, the food is good!

Brolly is a great place for couples, families and even for event. You can book them for private event and functions. They have hosted many company functions last year and they have many positive reviews.

brolly menara felda cool interior

Even though the restaurant is located within the prime area of KLCC, it is quiet and calm here. We always enjoy a little privacy for our dining experience.

Book now at:


Brolly Menara Felda Opening Hours:

11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Daily


Brolly Menara Felda Address:

G-01, Menara Felda, Platinum Park,

No., 11, Persiaran KLCC, 58200 Kuala Lumpur,

Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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