February 7, 2023

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LoveSays.com.my Honeymoon Crowd Funding

When we wrote about Ang Pow Rates for Malaysian Wedding last year, we had many positive and interesting comments. We know not everyone is comfortable with the ang pow rates as some takes it as a token of appreciation. Thus, we understand that and that’s why we wrote that story.

Weeks after we wrote about it, we were approached by a new startup company, LoveSays.com.my. Well, there are hundreds or thousands of startups but we feel they are very unique in their product. Their focus is crowd funding for honeymoon packages for new wedding couples. Yes, you read it right, crowd funding for honeymoon packages and the website is LoveSays.com.my. It is the first honeymoon crowd funding startup in Malaysia.

The following are few simple steps to start your honeymoon crowd funding!

1.Sign Up To Start

Visit www.lovesays.com.my and Register for FREE!

2.Choose Honeymoon Package

There are many honeymoon packages in the website, choose one that suits you the best or you like the most. Most of the packages are in Asia and Australia, they many theme packages and there editor picks are the best packages in our opinion.

3. Set Up Campaign Page

You want people to contribute for your honeymoon, you should add some stories, how you guys met, some photos and we feel videos are the best! Drama or not drama is up to you but make sure it is convincing enough for your family or friends to contribute.

4. Publish

Once you are satisfied with your campaign page, just click publish and you are good to go. It is not finish yet. Key in promo code AG000015 from us and you can get RM 100 discount on all packages!

5. Share & Promote

Just copy the campaign page link and forward to your family and friends. Remember to tag them on social media such as Facebook so they know where to contribute.

You can also email the link to your guests so your guests will be able to make contributions on your campaign page which the funding goes directly to your honeymoon costs.

6. 100% Collected

LoveSays.com.my will issue the tickets and confirmations of your departure once 100% is collected.

6a, Less than 100% Collected

If you have not reach 100%, you can top up the balance, extend the campaign period or change to a lower cost package.

This is new in Malaysia and it is good for new wedding couples who do not prefer ang pows or couples who prefer honeymoon weddings. Instead of giving ang pows or jewellery, the new generation of wedding couples prefer experiences such as honeymoon.

Sample of the Tokyo Package in LoveSays.com.my

We wish all the wedding couples for all the best in honeymoon crowd funding and have an everlasting marriage!

Remember to visit the website at www.LoveSays.com.my now to start your campaign and key in promo code AG000015 from us and you can get RM 100 discount on all packages!

Share this or tag your friends who are planning for wedding for this awesome new concept of honeymoon crowd funding!


22 thoughts on “LoveSays.com.my Honeymoon Crowd Funding

  1. I really don’t agree with the concept of crowd funding for honeymoons. No money, no honey, as they say. It will only let people think that money is easy. It forms a bad habit.

  2. Crowd funding for your own honeymoon? Personally I don’t like the idea. Maybe some people wouldn’t mind sharing their photos, videos or stories to get funds from others but to me, it’s best you work to get your own money so that you can go for your own honeymoon with your own partner. Feel proud for working hard and making your honeymoon happen from what you earn.

    It’s kinda embarrassing to go for honeymoon using other people’s money.

  3. Wow it was quite a deal and website to helps us cover all the honeymoonp package. Love this idea but I wonder is there really anyone would help out? Haha XD

  4. This is a good information for me as i planning for my honeymoon. I will register with this website.

  5. Wow. This is a great idea. Now instead of me and my other half going to Bali for honeymoon, we can consider going for a Japan honeymoon instead.

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