March 26, 2023

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Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako Review

Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako or formerly known also Hotel Tazawa is the first hotel we stayed in Akita. The hotel is one of the few hotels located in the mountains of Semboku and that’s it is blessed with the view of the nature. We went to Akita some time ago with Wendy Tours with a group of media and travel agents.

Unlike the hotels in the city, Hotel Mori No Kaze Tazawako is huge and they offer spacious traditional Japanese rooms as well as hot spring facilities.

Traditional type of room means floor mat and wooden sliding doors but you get comfortable mattresses, coffee table and chairs. Of course the main door is wooden door and not the traditional wooden sliding doors.

There is air conditioner and heater and TV too of course and since this is out of the city, the TV is the best companion.

Dinner was special arranged for us by Semboku City Mayor. We had a dinner buffet in the hotel’s restaurant and there was also a special dance performance by the locals.

They are young girls and the dance moves are quite unique. We recorded the video of the dance.

Dinner at Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako dinner.
Mr. Kadowaki, Semboku City mayor

The dinner buffet is amazing and there were lots of food to choose from. Thus, we had to wear traditional Japanese “yukata” and we were not good in wearing them. We had the opportunity to take picture with Mr. Kadowaki, Semboku City mayor. He is a funny guy.

Night is quiet in this hotel which is a blessing for us. We went to the hot spring in the hotel and had a long chat with other friends in our tour group. Yes, we were naked together as this is the culture in Japan. The hot spring is for hotel guests only and there is also a Women hot spring session. There is no mixed hot spring in this hotel.

The view from our room in the morning is a beauty. You can see the river, the forest and the mountains of Semboku. This nature scenery like from the Japanese anime which is hard to see in the cities.

In front of the hotel you can see the beautiful statue of the Kuan Yin (Bodhisattva Kannon). It is golden in colour and it shines during the day.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Hotel Mori No Kaze Tazawako. The room was comfortable and it was a great night of good food, dance performance as well as hot spring session.

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This trip is sponsored by Tourism Akita and Wendy Tour.

Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako Address:

82-117 Shimotakano,

Tazawako Obonai,


Akita Prefecture

17 thoughts on “Hotel Mori no Kaze Tazawako Review

  1. i love quiet evenings in the hotel, and the view is so breathtaking! 🙂 im sure this hotel is very popular among tourists

  2. Awww… a traditional type room… how nice… I hope someday I have the opportunity to stay in this kind of place….

  3. Such a lovely place to visit! Dropping by your website makes me feel like travelling. EVERYTIME!

  4. What a nice hotel and with night times being quiet, it must be peaceful. It definitely looks very cosy.

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