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Restoran Hiong Kong Pudu Plaza Wong Sifu

Many years ago, there is one Chinese restaurant by the name of “Imperial Lotus” and it is one of the popular Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. It was a two storey bungalow is located at Jalan Pudu Lama (the back road of the row of shop lots facing opposite Puduraya) and it was one of the popular Chinese wedding venues in the city. Some of their popular dishes at that time include stir fried eel with garlic, eight treasure duck and so on. You can read also our latest review at

wong sifu pudu plaza lobster platter

It was rumoured that the restaurant closed down when the owner passed away and the children didn’t want to continue the food business. This was more than 15 years ago if not mistaken.

Then, a couple years ago, my parents told me the ex-head chef aka Wong Sifu (Master Wong) or Chef Wong opened a small restaurant in the food court of Pudu Plaza. The restaurant is called Hiong Kong Restaurant and it located at the lower ground floor of Pudu Plaza.

wong sifu pudu plaza hiong kong restaurant

There are only four to six tables of dinner serving per night and you must call to book your table and your food as the chef will go to the market to buy the specific ingredients for the food. You need to book in advance and ask for availability. During Chinese New Year, it was fully booked for almost three months (before, during and after CNY). Please book in advance and do not try to walk in as the chef only cooks for bookings only. The chef is a very old man and cooking to past time. Most of his customers know about his place by recommendations and word of mouth. There are only a few helpers in this restaurant and you have here is all about the food and not the service.

We have been dining at this restaurant for the past few years and we usually don’t share our favourite restaurants until now.  Since we read a few reviews from a few bloggers, we feel that it is no harm to share the secret out now. Only my good friends or my family friends have been here as we never brought bloggers to this restaurant.

What to order?

wong sifu pudu plaza lobster platter preparation
Chef preparing the lobster platter.
wong sifu pudu plaza lobster platter

For starter you should order their signature Lobster Platter. There are ten small dishes in this Lobster Platter and it cost around RM 240 and above (depending on the food prices in the market). The chef will tell you how much when you book with him. In the platter you will get deep fried prawns, yam basket with stir fried chicken and vegetables (fat put), century eggs, sliced abalone mushroom, caramelized pork ribs, sliced chicken with Chinese wine, sliced cuttlefish, sauerkraut, mushroom and lobster salad. The dishes might change but you will get at least ten.

wong sifu pudu plaza fish lips soup

We don’t consume shark fins that often so we order their fish lips soup. It taste similar to shark fins soup but substitute the fins with the fish lips. The soup is thick, flavourful and comes with generous amount of ingredients.

wong sifu pudu plaza eels

Stir Fried Eel with Garlic is their popular dish. Eel stir fried with their special sauce and garlic to perfection and it is best taken with steamed bun (man tou). It is different taste with unagi and this is definitely a must for eel lover. This comes in acquired taste and not many people enjoy this dish.

wong sifu pudu plaza yong roast chicken

“Yong” Roast Chicken is something from the past. The top layer is roast chicken but the bottom layer is minced fish meat (similar to yong tau fu filling) so you get the two textures from fish and chicken. To cook this, you need technique and skills and the most important of all, this taste really good! Imagine the texture of the crispiness of the chicken skin as well minced fish meat, this is definitely something new to discover.

wong sifu pudu plaza stir fried yee mee

Even the simplest dish like stir fried noodle is delicious. If you want “wok hei”, you can definitely taste it here.

wong sifu pudu plaza stir fried lotus with macadamia nuts

Stir fried lotus is one of their unique vegetable dishes. You can see it comes with many ingredients such roasted macadamia nuts, sweet peas, carrots, sliced lotus, mushrooms and more.

For dessert, you should try their coconut dessert with white fungus. You can have it either in clear soup or with coconut milk. It is usually served hot and this is a must order.

wong sifu pudu plaza coconut dessert

If you prefer the taste of the white fungus, order the clear version. The coconut milk version is thicker and flavourful and it overwhelms the taste of the white fungus.

wong sifu pudu plaza yam sticks

Lastly, for dessert you should order their caramelized yam sticks as it is something different from your usual Chinese dinner menu. They make the yam stick fresh as they cut and stir fries the yam and covered it with caramel and let it cool by using a fan. It minutes when the caramel cools down and it will turn to caramelized yam sticks. It is hard to find this anymore.

Restoran Hiong Kong brings back an adventure of traditional Chinese cuisine. Some of the dishes are well forgotten by the newer generations and even the young chefs but it can be tasted here. The food prices here are on the average high but how often you can pay good money for good food? It has been some time since I visited this restaurant and maybe it is time for me to revisit the restaurant again with good companies of friends and family. The food prices here are above average but we don’t mind paying it for good food.

You need to call them in advance to book your table as well as your dishes as the chef will go and purchase your food from the market fresh.

Hiong Kong Restaurant 香港饭店 @Pudu Plaza Address:

Jalan Landak, Pudu Pudu 55100 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-6677944

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