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Wong Sifu Restaurant Pudu Plaza Review

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Wong Sifu Restaurant Pudu Plaza Review

Wong Sifu Restaurant is one of the hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur for years. They were formerly known as Hiong Kong Restaurant and rebranded to Wong Sifu due to the change of management and partnership. If you want to know more about the history of Wong Sifu (the name of the chef), you can read it at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2016/01/restoran-hiong-kong-pudu-plaza-wong-sifu.html as we blogged about it five years ago.

We started dining at Wong Sifu Restaurant almost ten years ago and we blogged about it five years later. The restaurant started off with a few tables before they found a business partner to renovate and expand to a bigger restaurant. One of the main reasons we didn’t visit Wong Sifu Restaurant for past couple of years as it was usually packed especially during Chinese New Year period.

They were doing fine until the first Movement Control Order (MCO) last year. According to Wong Sifu, the previous business partner wanted to downsize the restaurant due to MCO so they parted ways. Wong Sifu then approached by a new business partner and that is the reason why the restaurant is called Wong Sifu Restaurant. The old business partner still retained the old name Hiong Kong Restaurant and opened his own restaurant at another place in Pudu. This is the main reason why there is Wong Sifu Restaurant and Hiong Kong Restaurant in Pudu selling the same dishes. The original chef is still at Wong Sifu Restaurant at Lower Ground Pudu Plaza and they are expanding now with new VIP area.

We had dinner at Wong Sifu Restaurant Pudu Plaza a few days ago and it was packed. It is advisable to book a table as it is always busy and there are some dishes you need to book in advance such as the Lobster Platter and Eight Treasures Duck.

Mini Lobster Platter

Mini Lobster Platter

This is the mini size of Lobster Platter for six people. The usual size for the Lobster Platter is for ten people and it comes with deep fried prawns, yam basket with stir fried chicken cashew nuts, century eggs, sliced abalone mushroom, caramelized pork ribs, smoke duck breast, sliced cuttlefish, sauerkraut and lobster salad. The items in the lobster platter changed from time to time depending on the chef.

If you visit Wong Sifu restaurant for the first time, you can consider ordering this. We had it too many times so we don’t feel that special anymore but for first timers, this is a must order.

What we like about this lobster platter is it offers ten different items to taste and it looks very glorious and grand. The mini lobster platter is priced at RM 240 for six people. Is there lobster in this platter? The answer is yes, the lobster meat is mixed with the salad.

White Flower Chicken

This is a very interesting dish. This is chicken mixed with fish meat, a very traditional Chinese dish that you can’t find in many Chinese restaurants in Malaysia.

The top layer is roast chicken but the bottom layer is minced fish meat (similar to yong tau fu filling) so you get the two textures from fish and chicken. To cook this, you need technique and skills and the most important of all, this taste really good! Imagine the texture of the crispiness of the chicken skin as well minced fish meat, this is definitely something new to discover.

Fish Snout Soup / Fish Lip Soup

This fish snout soup or fish lip soup is a great alternative to shark fins soup. This comes with thick soup with eggs and taste like crab meat shark fins soup and instead of using the fins, they use the fish snout that offers soft and crunchy texture.

When this is served warm, this is very appetizing and memorable. Everyone loves this fish snout soup and one bowl is never enough.

Stir Fried Sliced Lotus Root with Macadamia Nuts

This is their signature ‘vegetable’ dish and it comes with many ingredients such roasted macadamia nuts, sweet peas, carrots, gingko, sliced lotus root, mushrooms and more.

The lotus root is crispy while you get the crunchy texture of the roasted macadamia nuts. The sweet peas and gingko offer soft texture with natural sweetness. This dish is a combination of sweet, soft, crispy and crunchy texture.

Caramelised Yam Stick

This is one of their signature desserts. This is the yam sticks deep fried and then covered with caramel with sesame seeds.

The yam stick is sweet and hard on the outer layer but soft on the inside. My friends who are not a big fan of yam actually loved this.

Overall, the food is still good as Chef Wong still runs the kitchen. There are many other signature dishes that we didn’t order such as Eight Treasure Duck, Coconut Double Boil Soup, Stir Fried Eel and more. The food is still consistently tasty and good and that is the reason the loyal customers are keep coming back at Wong Sifu Restaurant Pudu Plaza.

Wong Sifu Restaurant Pudu Plaza

Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

Closed on Mondays.

Address: Lower Ground Floor, Pudu Plaza,

51, Jalan Landak, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 03-2110 1099

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