June 9, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

This year Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series with the Galaxy Buds Pro. What is so interesting about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is it is considered as one of the best TWS (true wireless stereo) earbuds with ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) in the market right now. Time for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Colours

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with three Phantom colours and they are Silver, Violet and Black. We are using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Phantom Black as we are using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Phantom Black too.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro case that offers 472mAh battery capacity and it supports wireless and USB C charging.  Each Samsung Galaxy Bud can holds 61mAh charge. On paper, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro offers 8 hours of music with ANC off and 5 hours with ANC On.

How fast can the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro charge?

A 5 minutes on 5A wireless pad charge offers around one hour of music playback and full charge from zero to 100% will take around an hour (depending on your charger). The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Case is very small so you can easily put it in your pocket or handbag or bag and just charge with wireless charger.

What is inside Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Box?

There is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Case, the Galaxy Buds Pro, rubber tips, the manual and USB C cable.

For your information, there are three sizes of rubber tips included and how comfortable is the ear buds depends on individual. So far, we felt comfortable with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Galaxy Wear App

Once you connect the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro to your smartphone, you will activate the Galaxy Wear app so you can customize your Galaxy Buds Pro.

The Noise Controls menu offers Active Nose Cancelling levels High or Low and Ambient Sound Choices of four levels.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also offers simple touch gestures that you can customize such as music level. All of these can be customized at Galaxy Wear app including switching between ANC and Ambient sound option via Touch gestures.

Just in case if you have misplaced the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, you can find it with the Galaxy Smart Things app. It is a great option for people who always misplaced their ear buds or gadgets.

The ANC works like magic and the sound quality is second to none. The audio level can go very high (if you max it) so do start in medium sound level for you to manage your sound level.

If you listen to the music with ANC on, you can hear any sound from the surrounding area and that is why the Ambient Sound option is needed to allow outside sound.

From what we read, there Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes with 2 way speakers with 11 mm woofer for full base and 6.5m tweeter with low distortion. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro also comes with three microphones.

Please take note that Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can be connected like other Bluetooth earbuds with Galaxy Wearable App that is available at Google Play or App Store.

The quality of the sound, the TWC and ANC as well as the long hour usage as well as its sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is the best investment ever.

Samsung Malaysia now offers Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at RM 799 at their official website at https://www.samsung.com/my/audio-sound/galaxy-buds/galaxy-buds-pro-black-sm-r190nzkaxme/ or you can get it at Shopee at: https://shp.ee/b9qixhc. You can also read our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review at: https://www.placesandfoods.com/2021/02/samsung-galaxy-s21-ultra-5g-review.html.

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